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Learn More About the “Many Hands” Stories: Another Three Teasers!

There are only 11 days left to support the crowdfunding campaign to fund the publishing of our next anthology Many Hands: An Anthology of Polyamorous Erotica, and we’re funded and halfway to our first stretch goal! Today, we’re highlighting three more stories, sharing excerpts! With these, we’re at a total of 9 shared teasers, more than half the stories in our anthology. The authors this time are Taliesin Owens, Cedar D. McCafferty-Svec, and Dei Walker.

Author: Taliesin Owens
Title: Good, Evil, Ex


“I trust you,” Jana says.

Luce sucks in a breath. “Thought you learned not to.”

“Yet here I am.” She lets go but doesn’t move away. Luce is so close that Jana can smell them, sharp and clean like the air just after lightning. She inhales. She wants to grasp that scent and hold it close, a reminder that being alive is supposed to be electric and interesting rather than a gray march of never-ending existence.

“Because of Ari?” Jana can hear trepidation in their voice, read the anxiety in the set of their shoulders.

 “Because I’m tired of being enemies.”

Luce turns their head, and suddenly their faces are much too close together. Jana can feel their breath, a brush of breeze in the warm air. “You’re too damn nice for your own good.”

“Maybe.” Jana should pull away. She doesn’t want to. “Maybe I’m just ready to let you kill me.”

Author: Cedar D. McCafferty-Svec
Title: please, may i have s’more?


“Is swimming in a strange waterfall basic really a good idea?” Bailey asked, cracking open one eye.

“Most ponds are safe to swim in, and that spot had a current running through it, so it’s not like we’re swimming in mosquito water,” xe said.

“We don’t have our swimsuits on us, though,” Duke pointed out. He leaned forward, casting a shadow over Bailey’s head.

“And?” Mattie asked. “I’ve seen you naked in the locker room more times than I can count, Bays and Tabi grew up together, and I know Bays has walked in on you changing at least three times. We can skinny dip. None of us have anything the others haven’t seen already.”

Author: Dei Walker
Title: Athanor


She watched his eyelids flutter and fall shut, listened to his ragged breathing ease. Serra counted his breaths; once she was certain the draught had taken full hold, she turned to the critical work ahead. Detaching her mind from her fingers, she focused on the task at hand with the same diligence she applied to her alchemical efforts.

“What are you doing?” Zosima’s voice pealed across the clearing, louder than the thunder that still rumbled in the skies. “What happened?”

Serra didn’t turn from her patient as she kept plucking pieces of burned robe from Mattin’s arms and slathering salve over the places where they had been. “Lightning.” She was proud she kept her voice from shaking. This was something she could do, and confidence steeled her spine. She might not be able to pitch a tent or split wood for a fire, but she knew her potions and her poultices.

She could save a life.

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