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Pride Bundle Conclusion: Donation Made!

Thank you to everyone who purchased one of our pride bundles to support Rainbow Railroad! Our drive is now over (until next year!) and we’ve made our donation.

In total, we sold 20 of the General Imprint Bundle and 8 of the Explicit Imprint Bundle. After taxes, fees, and royalties, the Press recorded a net profit of $147.39, of which we donated 40%. Thanks to many of our authors also volunteering to donate part of their royalties, we were able to exceed that 40% by a great deal; the exact amount we raised with contributions from the authors was $151.21, but we rounded up and covered the processing fee, so our actual donation was for $155.80.

A screen capture of a basic e-mailed receipt. The top reads "$155.80 USD 7/9/2024 12:13:03 PM Rainbow Railroad." Below this, it reads "Your payment has been approved," followed by payment, transaction ID, and approval code, all of which have been whited out. It then repeats the total of $155.80, and concludes with a Bill To label, also whited out except for the e-mail address At the bottom of the e-mail is Rainbow Railroad address and phone number.

We truly appreciated everyone who contributed to this campaign by contributing to the campaign as a creator, helping us spread the word, getting stories, and encouraging us.

That’s all for Pride Bundles for now, and we’ll be back with new bundles for Pride 2025!

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