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Learn More About the “Many Hands” Stories: Second-to-Last Teaser Post!

The crowdfunding campaign for our next anthology Many Hands: An Anthology of Polyamorous Erotica has only 9 days left, and we’re sharing three more teasers! These three are from the stories by Alex Bauer, enchantedsleeper, and D. A. Hernández.

Author: Alex Bauer
Title: Wintersong


Cam looks back to see Skylar leaning against the wall, still wearing Cam’s sweatshirt and what appears to be the world’s shortest pair of athletic shorts. Purple has blossomed across her thighs in sharp contrast to her milk-white skin. Baring her teeth in a wolfish grin, she whistles and gives several slow claps as she ambles stiffly forward. “Damn, did you come home with a fucking badger last night?”

Adrian flushes crimson all the way down to the scars on his chest before gesturing wildly at her legs. “Depends. Were you… shit—riding? Jockey?”

“Impressive fumble,” Cam says.

“I thought we were having a friendship moment,” Adrian hisses. “Back me up.”

“Friendship means I get free rein to tease you when you flop.” Cam leans back in their chair and crosses their arms, grinning when Adrian rolls his eyes with a muttered curse.

Skylar ruffles his bedhead before bending low, lips brushing his ear. “Who knew Parker had it in him?”

Adrian turns impossibly redder. “Skylar.”

“Oh, was it in you instead?”

Author: enchantedsleeper
Title: Getting the Band Together


“Wait, Alec, I think you’ve got the wrong idea,” Nat said, starting towards them, which immediately activated Alec’s fight-or-flight response. They jumped to their feet, but there was nowhere to actually go.

“I know it’s awkward having your ex-friend-with-benefits hanging around, and I don’t expect anything, but if you need me out of your ha-mph—”

That was as far as Alec got before Nat pulled them down to her level and kissed them. Alec was more than happy to kiss back, but… what?

Nat pulled away and smiled, holding their face in her hands. “Like I said, I think you’ve got the wrong idea about what I wanted to say.”

Alec stared at her and touched a hand to their mouth. Their brain was in overdrive. Nat coming here, cutting her date short to talk to them, Vincent standing there looking approving…

“So… you don’t want me to go,” they ventured.

“No,” Nat said, still smiling and flushed pink. “I’d actually like for you to be more involved, if you’re interested.”

“…does that mean I can kiss you again?”

In response, Natalie pulled them back in for another, much more thorough, kiss.

Author: D. A. Hernández 
Title: The Seduction of Thierry Bacheler


“Or you could watch while I seduce Thierry and listen to us having sex next door,” Aashiq said.

Yuka glared at him from the confines of her arms. Then she sighed. “It’s easy for you: you’re the University’s Casanova. Everyone knows of you, even if they don’t know you. Never found in classes, always in parties with at least two people in your arms.”

Aashiq shrugged. “Life is all the more beautiful with love around you. You need to give love an opportunity, if you ever want to find it.” He emptied the liquor bottle with a long swallow. Turning to face Yuka, he extended his hand in challenge, his eyes flashing gold. “A fortnight. You give it your all, and so will I. If by the end of it he’s not interested in either of us, we accept it and move on. What do you say?”

After a moment, Yuka shook his hand, and although there was no tingle of a spell or magical contract activating, she felt there was no going back.

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