Accessibility Statement

Transparent Duck Print Divider. It has duck prints in a horizontal row, placed as if a duck has walked across the screen. Each print is colored and combined the make a rainbow. The colors, in order from left to right, are brown, green, blue, purple, orange, red, yellow, white, pink, pastel blue, then it repeats.

Duck Prints Press is committed to working with and ensuring access by creators, readers, and others with disabilities. As we are a small start-up, our webpage and publications have not always met best practices in these regards. We are currently in the process of improving the accessibility of our webpage and publications, including:

  1. ensuring that all our epubs include the necessary metadata and accessibility features.
  2. adding alt text to all images on our website
  3. enhancing functionality for voice search and using voice commands to navigate our website
  4. using available tools to check that we are engaging in best practices to the best of our ability.

We appreciate your patience as we add these features for older posts and works that did not include them. We’ve always striven to make sure that when images included information, we repeated that information in the text body, and our publications DO meet accessibility standards, they just lack the metadata that SAYS they meet those standards. However, updating 1,200 images and over 100 publications will understandably take some time. Going forward, all our publications will have the necessary metadata, and we’re adding alt text for all new images and posts.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if there’s anything we can do to better enable you to use our page. You can e-mail us at info @