Artist: Alessa Riel

Alessa Riel has been reading and writing fanfic and creating fanart for more than twenty years in various fandoms. She lived through the great LJ-strikeout, witnessed the founding of AO3, and survived the Tumblr wars, and therefore regards herself as an internet veteran/grandma. She’s asexual and aromantic, as well as autochorrissexual. Alessa has a degree in media science and has worked as a graphic designer, among other things. She created the Duck Prints Press logo and mascot and supports the Press by creating graphics, covers, and teasers. Alessa hails from Germany and is happy to offer help with the language and culture where needed. She loves brainstorming and coming up with names, titles, and plot ideas.

Alessa is the creator of our logo, and the designer behind our adorable Dux mascot, Darcy Paige Paddlesworth III.

The Duck Prints Press logo. It reads Duck Prints Press with one word per line. On the left and bottom sides there are eight duck prints in a row. The top left most print is brown, then green, blue, purple, red, orange, and yellow, the print rainbow ending with the bottom right most print, which is white. A front-view of the press mascot Dux is on the right; this is a white duck shown from the front, with orange feet and an orange beak. The expression on the duck's face could be interpreted as a smile, a smirk, or knowing.

You can learn all about the art Alessa has done while working with the Press by visiting our Get to Know Dux page!