Author: Aeryn Jemariel Knox

Aeryn “Jemariel” Knox first identified as a writer in second grade. They grew up surrounded by stories, with both parents in the theater and a house full of bookshelves from which their father read to them most nights. As soon as Aeryn could hold a crayon, they wanted to tell stories, too. Flash forward to junior high school, when they discovered fanfiction, and realized that other people also told stories as a way to engage with their favorite media. Since 2001, Aeryn has gone by Jemariel in fandom spaces across the internet, engaging with other authors, reading and writing and never doing arithmetic. Their favorite stories are about love, identity, and magic. Nearly a decade after their last original fiction attempt, Aeryn is eager to explore the wider writing world.

A native of Portland, Oregon, Aeryn currently lives in the suburbs with their husband and 16-year-old cat; for a day job, they work as a tech writer and general paper-pusher for an energy drink factory.

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