Author: Era J. M. Couts

Era is a queer fiction writer. She’s written fanworks and original fiction for over 25 years (though the original fiction remained in the closet for most of those 25 years—it’s coming out now!).

Era likes to write about characters more than places. She tells stories about feelings and emotions and how life can be so complicated and yet so simple. Era loves epic love stories. And dystopias. She likes to believe she doesn’t like clichés, but throw a good enemies-to-lovers story at her and you’ll see the fangirl combusting out of her. Era’s also a picky reader, an opinionated mind, an Aries, an immigrant, a coffee lover, and a night owl that has been forced to conform to social constructs and become a “Morgenmuffel.” She’s passionate, energetic, lazy, and sarcastic. She’s a Cat Mum and a wannabe nerd, a food lover that cannot cook, the Man™ her grandma wanted her to marry, and a happy soul in her own shoes.

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