Author: Mikki Madison

Mikki Madison has been writing stories since she was seven years old. While she is most prolific in fanfiction and has works scattered among more than a dozen fandoms, she has been making strides into original fiction. Her favorite genres to read are romance, fantasy, and cozy mysteries. When she isn’t reading, writing, or falling headfirst into a new fandom, she can be found baking, doing puzzles, walking her foster dog, doting on her niblings, or playing Pokemon Go. She has also written under the name M.K. Mads.

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Titles by Mikki Madison

It Happened on Maple Street

(currently Patreon exclusive)

A book cover. The background is a mottled tan parchment tone. Blue triangles in each corner bear a simple motif resembling a very stylized peacock. An ornate decorative graphic with elegant swirls is centered at the top. At the bottom is the Duck Prints Press logo. The title of the book is “Into the Wyvern's Lair” and the author is Mikki Madison. Text below the title reads: “Fantasy * Action and Adventure * F/F Pre-Relationship."

Into the Wyvern’s Lair (Patreon exclusive!)

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