Author: R. L. Houck

R. L. Houck (she/her) still has one of the first stories she ever wrote as a seven-year-old in elementary school. It was about flightless penguins reaching the sun and a good indication of her boundless imagination and her love of animals. The latter became a full-time veterinary career; the former keeps her occupied with fanfiction and original fiction in between appointments.

Identifying as asexual herself, she is fond of exploring characters on the asexual spectrum in her writing. She has a tendency toward erotica, and her modus operandi could best be described as “smut with feelings.” However, she also enjoys writing about found families and fluffy meet-cutes. Anything goes, and she is very grateful to Duck Prints Press for allowing her to place well-known and respected characters in flower shops and space… and officially publishing those exploits!

Outside of writing, she enjoys snuggling on the couch with her dog and four cats, watching zombie or other disaster movies and TV shows. A native New Yorker, she currently resides in Virginia but dreams of one day retiring to Portugal.

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