Author: Willa Blythe

Willa Blythe writes queer and speculative fiction from her home in the lower Hudson River Valley. She grew up in east Texas a voracious reader and passionately persistent writer, and now brings those stories and experiences to the page with as much magic as she can muster. Willa is a member of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association (SWFA).

Behind the pen, Willa is a geeky, dramatic, neurodiverse lesbian. She’s a single mother, a trauma survivor, and an avid treat-apologist. Willa’s stories have been published previously in Duck Prints Press’s Add Magic to Taste and She Wears the Midnight Crown, and in Zombies Need Brains’ Brave New Worlds.

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Titles by Willa Blythe

Anthologies Including Willa Blythe

The cover of "Add Magic to Taste." It shows a bespectacled dragon standing behind a counter, lifting one clawed hand to add something into a sparkling beaker labeled "everything nice." Their tail holds open a book, the spine of which reads "Magical Morsels." They are surrounded by a plate of macaroons, a tiered stand with cupcakes and brownies, jars with candy, pictures of steaming coffee mugs, a bookshelf with a few books, and a cash register and tip jar. Above them is a banner with different queer flags, such as the lesbian flag, non-binary flag, trans flag, gay flag, bisexual flag, and others. A wooden banner reads "Add Magic to Taste," and at the bottom is a subtitle that reads "A Spellbinding (and Scrumptious!) Collection of Heartwarming Queer Stories."

Add Magic to Taste (author contributor)

The book cover for "She Wears the Midnight Crown," which is also the only text on the image. It depicts two women embracing as if dancing, both wearing dresses. One woman wears a mask; the other has removed her mask and holds it in one hand outstretched behind the other woman's back. In the background is the moon.

She Wears the Midnight Crown (author contributor)