Aether Beyond the Binary

Duck Prints Press is thrilled to announce our next anthology, a collection of aetherpunk stories set in the modern day or near future, all featuring at least one main character who is outside the gender binary!

What is aetherpunk? Imagine a world where there’s technology not unlike what we have in the modern world, except that instead of that technology operating using the principals that we, now, would call “science,” that technology operates using magic! That’s aetherpunk—the awesome union of technology and complex magical systems in magic-suffused worlds to produce unique settings that resemble modern-day Earth but are also very, very different. With aetherpunk stories, the impossible becomes possible, and new solutions to the world’s problems become available!

You can learn more about the history of aetherpunk and what aetherpunk is in this blog post!

This anthology will feature 20 stories; we’ve be recruiting 10 authors from among those we’ve already worked with and 10 authors who are new to the Press. All the stories will include these three elements:

  1. At least one main character must be outside the gender binary (for example, characters who are agender, non-binary, genderqueer, genderfluid, etc.)
  2. Modern/contemporary or near-future Earth-based aetherpunk settings where the technology runs on magic
  3. Happy endings

Learn more about this project!