Aether Beyond the Binary Budget

This is a proposed budget for the Aether Beyond the Binary crowdfunding campaign. It reflects our best estimates of the costs of production as of December 20th, 2023, and reflect the data we used to calculate the budget for the Kickstarter campaign that ran from December 26th 2023 through January 25th 2024, ending successfully having raised a $23,789. When we’ve finished fulfillment, we will share a budget reflecting our actual expenses.

All prices are in USD.

Book Printing Budget

ItemNumber NeededTotal PriceSource/Notes
Front Cover Art1$500Mar Spragge
Manuscript Formatting1$300Hermit and Pallas Perilous
Payments to Authors17$2,550Flat rate of $150 per story, plus estimated transfer fees. Officially, these stories are budgeted at $75 each until we reach stretch goals, but we’re experimenting with increasing the budget to pay the authors more.
Editing by Duck Prints Press Staff17$2,550
Money Transfer Fees$30Estimated Paypal fees for transferring funds to contributors outside the United States.
“Aether Beyond the Binary” Trade Paperback Book (Digest Size, 5.5″ x 8.5″)150$1,047BookLogix
“Aether Beyond the Binary” Hard Cover Book (Digest Size, 5.5″ x 8.5″)50$1,045BookLogix
Proof Copies of Both Versions2$160BookLogix
Book Shipping from BookLogix to Us$250(estimated)
ISBNs4n/aThese were paid for as part of a prior project
Protective and Decorative Packaging for Mailing to Backers$65Papermart
Total to Produce Books$8,497


This is a tentative list of proposed merchandise; we may end up reducing or increasing how much merch we produce for this campaign. All prices include associated costs (such as commissioning art, shipping of the merch to us, packaging for distribution, etc.).

ItemNumber NeededTotal PriceSource/Notes
Bookmark (2″ x 7.25″)100$172Art by Pippin Peacock; printed by Uprinting.
Dux Sticker (3″ x 3″)100$109Art by Alessa Riel; printed by Vograce.
Holographic Sticker100$82Art by Mar Spragge; printed by Vograce.
Enamel Pin (2″ x 2″)100$500Art by Atomic Pixies; manufactured by Alchemy.
Patreon-Exclusive Extra: Key Chain (3″ x 1.5″)20$68Art by Mar Spragge; printed by Vograce.
Total to Produce Merchandise$931

Shipping Materials

Because we anticipate having only more-or-less “flat” merchandise for this campaign, we will not need as much variety of shipping materials, and we have extra of a lot of packaging material we’ve used in previous campaigns.

ItemNumber NeededTotal PriceSource/Notes
Bubble Wrap (Small Bubbles)1 roll$32(Source)
Adjustable Shipping Boxes100$355Papermart
Total to Purchase Packing Materials$387


ItemTotal Price
Book Production$8,497
Merchandise Production$931
Shipping Materials$387
Estimating Processing and Platform Fees$1,230
Estimated New York State Sales Tax Owed$50
Estimated Shipping to Backers$2,360
Total to Produce Merchandise$13,455