“Aim For The Heart” Budget

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This is a tentative proposed draft of the budget for the Aim For The Heart crowdfunding campaign. As we finalize decisions and get closer to actual launch (currently projected for third quarter of 2023), we’ll reprice, reassess, and update this accordingly.

All prices in this budget are in USD.

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Book Printing Budget

ItemNumber NeededTotal PriceSource/Notes
Front Cover Art1$250Artist to be determined
Manuscript Formatting1$200Hermit9
Payments to Authors20$1,015Flat rate of $50 per story, plus estimated transfer fees
Payments to Artists20$1,015Flat rate of $50 per artwork, plus estimated transfer fees
Editing by Duck Prints Press staff$500
“Aim For The Heart” Book (Digest Size, 5.5″ x 8.5″)100$885Mixam
Book shipping from Mixam to Us$124
ISBNs3n/aThese were paid for as part of a prior project
Protective Packaging for Mailing to Backers$30Papermart; estimated, as precise packaging hasn’t been decided on yet.
Total to Produce Books$4,019
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This is a tentative list of proposed merchandise; we may end up reducing how much merch we produce for this campaign. All prices are in USD, and include all associated costs (art commission, shipping, packaging, etc.).

ItemNumber NeededTotal PriceSource/Notes
Magnet of the Front Cover Art (2″ x 3″)100 (minimum order)$258Custom-Magnets
Bookmark (2″ x 7.25″)50$134Artist to be determined; printed by Uprinting.
Dux Sticker (3″ x 3″)50$106Art by Alessa Riel; printed by Vograce.
Key Chain (3″ x 3″)50$164Artist to be determined; manufactured by Vograce.
Art Print Portfolio (Collection of 21 8″ x 10″ art prints featuring all the art in the book + the cover)25$456Artists to be determined; printed by Printkeg.
Enamel Pin (1.75″ x 1.75″)50$355Artist to be determined; manufactured by Alchemy.
Coloring Book25$67Artists to be determined; printed by Mixam.
Total to Produce Merchandise$1,540
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Shipping Materials

Because we anticipate having only more-or-less “flat” merchandise for this campaign, we will not need as much variety of shipping materials.

ItemNumber NeededTotal PriceSource/Notes
Bubble Wrap (Small Bubbles)1 roll$37(Source)
Adjustable Shipping Boxes100$113Papermart
Total to Purchase Packing Materials$150
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ItemTotal Price
Book Production$4,019
Merchandise Production$1,540
Shipping Materials$150
Projected Hosting Platform Fees$664
Estimated New York State Sales Tax Owed$33
Estimated Shipping to Backers$1,200
Total to Produce Merchandise$7,606
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We anticipate seeking funding with an initial goal of $8,000 for the crowdfunding campaign for Aim For The Heart: Queer Fanworks Inspired By Alexandre Dumas’s “The Three Musketeers.”