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Become a Duck Prints Press Patron and Help Us Pick Our Next Anthology Theme!

The Duck Prints Press Patreon includes a lot of awesome perks for people depending on their backer level, and one of the coolest? Every single backer, from the lowest $3/month level to the highest $25/month level, gets a say in deciding themes for our anthologies!

Starting yesterday, and for the next week (ending April 19 2024), we’re running a poll to pick the theme for our next General Imprint anthology!

What are the choices?

The common element is cozy. We love our debut anthology Add Magic to Taste, and we wanted something with a similar feel-good vibe for this collection. With that in mind, the DPP staff discussed a lot of options, and we narrowed it down to five – and picking between those five is where the backers come in!

  • cozy cottagecore (cabins and farms count as “cottages” – think Stardew Valley and Slime Rancher vibes)
  • cozy critters (any setting, cozy stories that include non-human characters)
  • cozy libraries/museums/colleges (take the central idea of “dark academia” as a genre…and turn it cozy. “Light academia” if you will)
  • cozy vacations/travels/trips (let’s take a journey together, and it’s soft and happy, and includes a lot of tropes like There Was Only One Bed)
  • cozy sword-and-sorcery/action adventure in a fantasy setting (self-explanatory. 😀 )

Which will win?

A screen capture of five options in a poll, with circles for voting - indicating that each voter must pick one. The five listed options are the same as already listed earlier in this blog post.

Time will tell!

Want to vote? You can! Become a Duck Prints Press Patreon supporter TODAY!

Interested in applying to contribute to this project, once we’ve settled on a theme? We anticipate opening recruitment for this anthology in July, 2024. You can make sure you hear about it when we do by signing up for our mailing list!