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Prompt-a-Duck Masterpost: Feb 22, 2022

(a couple days late this time, sorry!)

Welcome to our latest Prompt-A-Duck masterpost, the weekly low stress prompt event run on the Duck Prints Press server for all of our authors and artists!

As an aside, we’ve made an AO3 collection where, once we get a spare few minutes, we’ll be making sure all the Prompt-A-Duck fills can be accessed.

This week, we had one word prompt and one AU prompt to choose from:

1. sybarite: a person who loves expensive things and pleasure

2. “We had a really bad break-up three hundred years ago, but neither of us realized the other was immortal until we met today while shopping for groceries” AU. Credit:



Lucy K.R.: (CW: a dead vampire victim and mention of hunting pigeons)

Zylaa: (CW: mild references to past sexual activity)

As always, if you enjoyed their work, please give our authors some love!

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Prompt-a-Duck Masterpost: Feb 19, 2022

Time for the second week of our Prompt-a-Duck, the weekly low stress prompt event run on the Duck Prints Press server for all of our authors and artists!

This week’s prompts:

  1. Hatpin panic (or hatpin peril). All kind of needle craft also welcome, as this prompt was spawned by a discussion about the peril of little old ladies with knitting needles. If you want to read more on this phenomenon, follow this link: (CW: sexual harassment, period typical sexism).
  2. meet-cute or meet-ugly featuring the most awkward gift you can think of. Courtesy of a discussion in our general chat, this didn‘t have to be Valentine Day centered, but this prompt was spawned by an image of Valentine themed toilet paper, so make of that what you will.

And here are our results for this week:

Rebekah: (CW: animal harm, sexual assault, character death, implied murder)

Lucy K. R.: (CW: violence, period typical sexism)

Thanks for participating and if you liked what you read, please let our authors know and consider giving us a like or a follow!

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Prompt-a-Duck Masterpost: Feb 12, 2022

Prompt-A-Duck is a low pressure weekly prompt challenge run on the Duck Prints Press discord server, open to all of our authors and artists. The prompts are issued every Friday, and result masterposts go up on Saturdays.

The rules are simple: Create something inspired by our weekly prompts, either one or both. It can be an original creation or a fanwork. Art, writing, digital graphics or whatever else strikes people’s fancy are all welcome. There’s no minimum or maximum word count and we actively encourage thinking outside of the box, so the result may only be tangential to the prompt.

Prompt-A-Duck, theme week 1:

1. Epiphany

2. Thunderstorm

This week‘s submissions:

1. Puck has written a prequel for a character featuring in one of our upcoming anthologies:

2. Satu wrote a little Encanto OneShot:

Please check out these stories and let our authors know if you enjoyed them!