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Writer Self-Challenge Bingo

Usually, writing bingos are either fandom-specific, ship-specific, or linked to certain themes or tropes. A couple months ago, we at Duck Prints Press got to talking – what if there was a “fulfill this challenge!” style bingo aimed at writers? Instead of squares for tropes or ships or kinks, the squares for this bingo are writing challenges, such as “write x words in a sitting,” “participate in a sprint,” or “draw a map or floorplan for a location in your story.” We’ve been developing it on and off ever since, and now we’re ready to share the results!

We now have a list of 100 writing challenges (you can see the full list here), ranging from pretty darn easy to really hard (but we haven’t rated their difficulty – what’s easy for one writer will be hard for another, so a difficulty rating would be meaningless). We pre-generated a few cards, just for fun…

…or, you can use this link to generate your own!

We are not running this as a formal event. Sadly, we just don’t have time right now to make rules, handle sign ups, track participants, create custom bingo cards, etc. However, we don’t think we need to! Everything you need to run your personal writer self-challenge bingo is right in this post – if you’re the kind of writer who’d find something like this helpful, we encourage you to use one of our pre-gen cards, make your own, or even just use this idea as a launching-off point from which to make a challenge that fits your brain.

And, if you do choose to use a bingo card, and end up writing and posting any fic, we encourage you to add it to our AO3 collection, and/or tag us so we can reblog/retweet/boost it!

As long as you’re writing using strategies that help you, the rules don’t matter, so get out there and write that thing!

(and, if you have ideas for more writing challenges we can add to our list, we’d love to hear them, and we’ll potentially add them to our bingo card generator list!)


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