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July Created Works Round-Up: 11 New Works by Our Creators!

Our monthly “created works round-ups” are Duck Prints Press’s opportunity to spotlight some of the amazing work that people working with us have done that ISN’T linked to their work with Duck Prints Press. We include fanworks, outside publications, and anything else that creators feel like sharing with y’all! Inclusion is voluntary and includes anything that they decided “hey, I want to put this on the created work’s round-up!”

Check out what they’ve shared with us this month…

Reports by MizuShiba

art || cod: modern warfare ii || m/m || ghost/soap || general audiences || no major warnings apply || complete


Ikarose by Elsin

fiction || the good place || platonic or familial || general audiences || creator choses not to use warnings || 1,105 || complete

summary: Icarus, in dual.

(or: what’s it like, to be Kamilah Al-Jamil?)

other tags: Character Study, Relationship Study, Canonical Character Death, Grief/Mourning, Mythology, Magic, A Study in Metaphor


Home is Where the Hearts Are (Shared or Otherwise) by firefly124

fiction || mcyt, hermitcraft smp, double life smp || m/m, poly (one gender: male) || tango/jimmy, tango/impulse/zedaph || general audiences || no major warnings apply || 1,263 || complete

summary: Tango was happy to be home on Hermitcraft after Double Life, even though he already missed Jimmy. Adding a new relationship to this already-complicated family, across servers no less, seems like it’s going to be like wiring up some seriously wonky redstone. Good thing Impulse and Zedaph have a knack for that sort of thing.

other tags: offscreen Impulse/Skizzleman


I Came Here to Have a Good Time and I’m Honestly Feeling So Attacked Right Now by nursinggeek

fiction || mcyt, hermitcraft smp, new life smp || no ships || n/a || general audiences || creator choses not to use warnings || 3,554 || complete

summary: Pearl let Gem talk her into spending some time on the New Life SMP.

“It’s a different sort of server,” she said.

“It’ll be fun” she said.

Why does Pearl let herself get talked into these things?

other tags: canon-typical non-permanent character deaths, mentions of EVO SMP, Hermitcraft SMP, and Traffic Life series


Modulate the Minor to the Major by Shadaras

fiction || modao zushi – moxiang tongxiu || m/m, poly (one gender: male) || lan wangji/mo xuanyu/wei wuxian || explicit || no major warnings apply || 5,555 || complete

summary: Mo Xuanyu travels back in time to prevent Wei Wuxian’s death. He does this, of course, by going to Lan Wangji and warning him of Wei Wuxian’s impending doom.


In Preparation for Another Day by Shadaras

fiction || link click (donghua) || platonic or familial || cheng xiaoshi & lu guang & qiao ling || general audiences || no major warnings apply || 2,455 || complete

summary: In theory—and solo practice!—Cheng Xiaoshi is great at gongfu. When it comes to sparring, however, he always hesitates. Liu Siwen offers him some advice about how to improve.


The White-petal Rose by Terra P. Waters

fiction || stranger things || m/m || jonathan byers/steve harrington || teen & up || no major warnings apply || 2,636 || complete

summary: Steve always thought he was bad at magic, unable to do even the simplest spells. Then he meets a boy named Jonathan and flowers begin growing in his wake.

other tags: Alternate Universe – Fantasy, Alternate Universe – Soulmates, Alternate Universe – Magic, War, Serious Injuries


To Sleep Underneath by Terra P. Waters

fiction || stranger things || m/nb, “m/agender alien” is more accurate… || steve harrington/demogorgon || explicit || creator choses not to use warnings || 35,579 || complete

summary: When the demogorgon is drawn by the scent of blood to Steve Harrington’s backyard, Nancy and Barb have already left. Instead, it finds Steve Harrington, whose scent doesn’t scream “food” but instead “MATE.”

other tags: Non/Dub-con, Human/Monster romance, Transformation, Mating, Oviposition, Alien Biology, Alternate Universe — Canon Divergence, Memory Loss, Sex Pollen


The Definitive Leda House and the Kraken Verse by Vee Sloane

fiction || our flag means death || f/f, m/m, m/nb, poly (one gender: male) || ed(dy)/stede, izzy/lucius, lucius/pete, jim/oluwande, frenchie/john || mature || no major warnings apply || 700,819 || complete

summary: A modern AU that follows the entire staff of the drag bar named Revenge as well as their partners and the Bonnet children. Features drag shows, late in life coming out stories, romance in many forms, and as much found family as you could ask for.

other tags: Modern AU, Found Family, Gender Journeys


“Welcome to the Internet” but it’s wuxia tropes by theleakypen

filk || wuxia fiction || no ships || teen & up || no major warnings apply || 371 || complete

summary: It’s exactly what it says on the tin: I’ve written a filk of “Welcome to the Internet” focusing entirely on wuxia tropes.

other tags: some mentions of violence and death, including child death


Enjoy! 😀

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“Aim For The Heart” Creator Spotlight: Jupiter V

We are on the cusp of the FINAL 24 HOURS of the crowdfunding campaign to publish our next anthology, Aim For The Heart: Queer Fanworks Inspired by Alexandre Dumas’s “The Three Musketeers”! Our project is funded, we’re inching toward our first stretch goal, and we’re delighted to introduce you to the last of our creators, Jupiter V.

Jupiter is doing two interior pieces for the book, and is the creator of the 12-page comic! This teaser is for one of their sketches, not for their final piece. 😀

Where Hearts Cross by Jupiter V

About the Artist: Hailing from Kjipuktuk/Halifax, Nova Scotia (that’s in Canada), Jupiter V is an artist, musician, and creative crackerjack with a career spanning over a decade. Cutting their teeth designing award-winning gig posters, they’ve gone on to illustrate for film, graphic fiction, children’s literature, and more. At times, they have been caught painting murals at the circus (?!) and whooping their child mercilessly in Rivals of Aether.

Jupiter is currently toiling away at their next graphic work of fiction, Wizards 99k, as we speak.

Today is your last chance to back this awesome campaign, support independent publishing and queer creators, and get this amazing book and the accompanying exclusive merch! Don’t miss out – pledge to our Kickstarter NOW!

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“Aim For The Heart” Creator Spotlight: Amy Alexander Weston

Amy Alexander has contributed two pieces to the anthology we’re currently crowdfunding, Aim For The Heart: Queer Fanworks Inspired by Alexandre Dumas’s “The Three Musketeers”! To see one, you’ll have to wait to admire it in the book. The other…

Mousquetaires de Marseille by Amy Alexander Weston

About the Artist: Alex, AKA foxymoley, (she/her) is best described as a jack of all trades, but practices digital art more than anything else. She just wants to make things and change the world for the better.

Links: Archive of Our Own | Instagram | Tumblr

Learn all about our campaign, and check out all the other awesome art and story teasers, by visiting our Kickstarter page!

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“Aim For The Heart” Creator Spotlight: Jagoda Zirebiec

Today’s creator spotlight for Aim For The Heart: Queer Fanworks Inspired by Alexandre Dumas’s “The Three Musketeers” (the awesome fanwork-ful anthology that Duck Prints Press is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter!) has made three contributions to this anthology, creating two full-page art pieces for the book’s interior AND making the bookmark!

Meet Jagoda Zirebiec…


This bookmark, 2 in x 9 in (5 cm x 23 cm), will be printed on thick paper in high gloss, will have contributor signatures on the back, and will have a shimmery gold tassel to accent the rich yellow and orange tones of the artwork!

We’re also giving you a teaser for one of Jagoda Zirebiec’s interior contributions – to see the other, you’ll have to buy the book!

Knight Commander by Jagoda Zirebiec

About the Artist: Hiya! I’m Jagoda or MizuShiba. I am a game dev artist currently working on a few unannounced titles. In my spare time I love to join collaborative projects like this, or charity Zines. This is my first project with DPP and hopefully not last!

I’m located in Poland and currently live here with my family. Aside from art, I’m interested in collecting dice and playing ttrpgs with friends.

Links: ArtStation | Tumblr | Twitter

Our Kickstarter is SO CLOSE to being funded – so come on over, learn all about it, appreciate this creator and our others, and maybe grab yourself a copy…

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“Aim For The Heart” Creator Spotlight: Giulia Malagoli

Hope y’all are having a lovely Thursday! I’m sure y’all have a lot going on today. What do we at Duck Prints Press have going on? Why, of course, introducing another contributor to our currently crowdfunding anthology Aim For The Heart: Queer Fanworks Inspired by Alexandre Dumas’s “The Three Musketeers.”

A Toast to Scars by Giulia Malagoli

About the Artist: Giulia Malagoli (she/they) got into art because of generally friendly competition with a classmate in middle school, and now she has an entire Bachelor’s Degree in Concept Art to show for it.

For about ten years, she has been hopping through fandom spaces—from video games, to comics, to movies and TV series—and has drawn inspiration from each of them for both fan and original art. The result is a passion for character design and for art that weaves a story into its visuals, with a whole lot of feelings about the role of The Narrative to boot.

To chase this passion Giulia has moved from their home country of Italy to the United Kingdom and back again. They now work as a freelance illustrator with enthusiasm, always scraping some time at the end of the day to keep up with fandom friends.

Links: ArtStation | Twitter

Only a teaser for now – you’ll have to get the book to see all of this gorgeous piece in it’s full grayscale A4-size (8 1/4 inches x 11 3/4 inches/21 cm x 30 cm) glory.

Better back the Kickstarter now so you don’t miss out!

(By the way, in case you’ve missed some other things we’ve got going on, we’re selling short story bundles and giving a portion of the proceeds to two queer charities. Read all about it!)