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February 2024 Created Works Round-Up!

A banner that reads "Created Works Round Up: February." In the upper left corner is the Duck Prints Press logo with a rainbow of duck prints around the left and bottom of it. On the right is the Dux mascot, a white duck with an orange beak and orange feet and a pleased expression on their face.

Duck Prints Press’s monthly “created works round-ups” are our opportunity to spotlight some of the amazing work that people working with us have done that ISN’T linked to their work with Duck Prints Press. We include fanworks, outside publications, and anything else that creators feel like sharing with y’all. Inclusion is voluntary and includes anything that they decided “hey, I want to put this on the created work’s round-up!”

Check out what they’ve shared with us this month…

Faebruary 2024 by May Barros

art || original work || no ships || teen & up || no major warnings apply || work in progress

summary: Faebruary is an art challenge during the month of February in which one creates an artwork a day inspired by fairys or the Fae. In the case of this particular instalment, works were made following a prompt list and combining that with archetypes of player characters from the TTRPG Changeling: the Lost


Warmth Enough to Share by D.V. Morse

fiction || supernatural || f/f || charlie bradbury/jo harvelle || general audiences || no major warnings apply || 1,538 || complete


Watching Sam and Eileen set up their nursery back on earth gives Charlie and Jo ideas.

other tags: past canon character death


Nothing Not Romantic by D.V. Morse

fiction || buffy the vampire slayer || f/f || kennedy/willow rosenberg || general audiences || no major warnings apply || 946 || complete

summary: Anniversary dinners are supposed to be romantic. Willow isn’t sure this one qualifies.

other tags: past canon character death


To Sleep, Perchance (Not) to Dream by D.V. Morse

fiction || wayward sisters, supernatural || f/f || kaia nieves/claire novak || general audiences || no major warnings apply || 680 || complete

summary: Claire’s hunter reflexes ensure that Kaia never wakes up from a nightmare alone.


Ready for (Almost) Anything by D.V. Morse

fiction || october daye series || f/f || may daye/jasmine “jazz” patel || general audiences || no major warnings apply || 835 || complete

summary: This time, May and Jazz are ready for whatever Aemelia can throw at them … or so they think.


Time Won’t Give Me Time by firefly124

fiction || mcyt, life series smp, hermitcraft smp || m/m || jimmy solidarity/tango tek || teen & up || no major warnings apply || 12,629 || complete

summary: Jimmy thinks he and Tango (and the other Double Life soulmates) are in danger of being used against each other in the next Life game, so he warns Tango they need to stay apart. Whether that’s going to do any good is another question.

other tags: 3rd Life | Last Life SMP Series-Typical Character Death, spoilers for Limited Life SMP, Watcher Lore (Evolution SMP), Canary Hybrid Jimmy | Solidarity, Blaze Hybrid TangoTek (Video Blogging RPF), mention of New Life SMP


until you are its primary evidence by ilgaksu

fiction || mysterious lotus casebook || m/m, poly (one gender: male) || di feisheng/fang duobing/li lianhua | li xiangyi || mature || creator choses not to use warnings || 5,805 || complete

summary: In the firelight, A-Fei shrugs, panther-lithe in the roll of it down shoulder and into the body, and starts to lick his hand clean. Fang Duobing makes a face at him.

“You eat like an animal,” he complains.

other tags: Character Study, Disability, Canon Compliant, Unreliable Narrator


carry your childhood with you by ilgaksu

fiction || dmbj – grave robber’s chronicles (xu lei) || no ships, platonic or familial || hei xiazi & wu xie, wu xie & xie yuchen || teen & up || creator choses not to use warnings || 3,276 || complete

summary: “Hey,” Wu Xie says to Hei Xiazi, sitting next to him on a bench by the Yongding River, swinging his feet. “Hey. Hei-shushu. Can I tell you about Xiao Hua?”

“I’m not your uncle, kid,” Hei Xiazi replies, “I’m just your uncle’s unfortunate employee.”

other tags: Childhood Memories, Childhood Friends, Trans Xie Yuchen, Hei Xiazi’s No Good Very Bad Day Babysitting


Bring It On Home by NursingGeek

fiction || mcyt, empires smp || f/f || katherine elizabeth/shelby grace | shubble || general audiences || no major warnings apply || 1,458 || complete

summary: Katherine’s had a rough night of monster slaying. Thank goodness Shelby knows how to fix her up.


You’re My Home by NursingGeek

fiction || unstoppable series by charlie jane anders || f/f || elza monteiro/tina mains || general audiences || no major warnings apply || 916 || complete

summary: A few quiet moments as Elza and Tina get ready to head back out into the galaxy after their brief return to Earth.

other tags: spoilers for the Unstoppable series through Promises Stronger than Darkness


Comyn he is of gret by Rhosyn Du

fiction || the sandman (tv 2022) || m/m || dream of the endless | morpheus/hob gadling || explicit || creator choses not to use warnings || 10,582 || work in progress

summary: In 1389, Hob follows the mysterious stranger out of the White Horse, makes a number of questionable choices, and gets thoroughly railed for his trouble.

other tags: Alternate Universe – Canon Divergence, Porn With Somewhat More Plot Than The Author Intended, Canon Divergence Purely For Porn Reasons, Bets & Wagers, Monsterfucker Hob Gadling, Light Dom/Sub, Enthusiastic Consent, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Multiple Orgasms, Overstimulation, Come Marking, Come Eating, Additional Tags To Be Added


To Fall Like the Rain by Shadaras

fiction || modao zushi – moxiang tongxiu / the untamed || platonic or familial, m/m || lan wangji/mo xuanyu, jin ling & jin rusong & mo xuanyu || teen & up || no major warnings apply || 7,550 || complete

summary: Jin Xuanyu is ten years old when Lan Wangji declares that they’re soulmates.

other tags: Alternate Universe – Canon Divergence, Alternate Universe – More People Live, Alternate Universe – Mo Xuanyu is a Reincarnation of Wei Wuxian, Soulmates (But Only For The Lan), Jin Family Feels, Slow Burn (In Universe)


So go check out their creations! Who knows, maybe you’ll find your new favorite story…