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“Many Drops Make a Stream” Fulfillment Progress

Since the pre-order period for Many Drops Make a Stream ended on September 30th, we’ve been hard at work preparing to fulfill everyone’s orders! To keep y’all in the loop, here’s a status update.

  1. Our final total raised is $5,102.82! We hit our second stretch-goal, so all backers who purchased packages will receive a bookmark and an Eye of Sacarus pendant!
  2. All 25% off coupons have been distributed. They’re good until September 30th 2024, so don’t hesitate to wander back in six or eight months and do some shopping!
  3. The base payment to Adrian Harley has been sent.
  4. The manuscript formatting has been paid for.
  5. The book has been formatted, the cover finished and the print order has been placed!
  6. The art print has been ordered from Papermart, and they’ve arrived! (Reveal!)
  7. The enamel pin has been ordered from Alchemy, and the proof has been approved.
  8. The die-cut sticker has been ordered from Vograce, the proof has been approved, and the stickers have shipped.
  9. The bookmark has been ordered from UPrinting, and the proof has been approved, and the bookmark has shipped. (I wouldn’t be surprised if it arrives today!)
  10. The Patreon-exclusive coasters and the wooden pendant have been ordered from E. Conway, and are in production.
  11. Funds to cover shipping have been transferred to our shipping software.

Granted, it’s early days, but so far we’re on track for December fulfillment!

Full Cover!

Art Print Unboxing!


merch unboxing/reveal! art print of the cover of MANY DROPS MAKE A STREAM by @Adrian Harley #wlwbooks #NiUnPeloMás #unboxing #artprint

♬ Musik Tiktok – Dj unodhowhow
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Do You Tiktok?

Well, now we do too! We’ve actually had the account for ages, and we’ve batted around a lot of ideas for how to use it without implementing any of them, but now we’ve posted our first video there. Long-term, we hope to post there regularly; at the moment, if you use Tiktok and want to give us a follow, expect intermittent posts: unboxings, asks answered, slice-of-life, book gushing, readings, and of course ducks (always ducks!), that kind of thing.

Our account is here!

And our first video? Why, here of course! It’s a video of me (Nina Waters, the Press owner!) unboxing the patches for the crowdfunding campaign for She Wears the Midnight Crown and He Bears the Cape of Stars. The merch was produced by Alchemy, featuring artwork by Reship KMN (Tumblr | Twitter).


Duck Prints Press Unboxes: Patches for “He Bears the Cape of Stars” and “She Wears the Midnight Crown.” Art by Reshipkmn, Manufactured by Alchemy.

♬ original sound – duckprintspress

Have something you’d like to see a member of the Press talk about in a video? Let us know and we’ll see what we can do to make it happen!

We’ll also be cross-posting videos on Instagram and YouTube, so even if you don’t have Tiktok, don’t worry – you’ve got options to make sure you don’t miss out!

Oh, and here’s a pic of the patches – they’re so beautiful and sturdy! I can’t wait to send them out to everyone.