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Did You Know Duck Prints Press Has a Press Kit?

Did you know? No? Well now you do – Duck Prints Press has a Press Kit! We’ve been working hard to expand the functionality of our website, provide the resources that people request, give people the information they need to learn about the Press, and increase access for prospective contributors and customers!

The Press Kit is one of our biggest recent expansions.

A screen capture from the PDF edition of the Duck Prints Press Press Kit. On the left it shows the book marks. The first hierarchy header is "Duck Prints Press LLC Press Kit" and beneath this is:
About the Press
About the Founder
Media Assets
Get in Touch
Upcoming Events
The second hierarchy header is "Selected Works," and the subtitles for this read:
Title: Aim For The Heart
Title: She Wears the Midnight Crown
Title: He Bears the Cape of Stars
Title: And Seek (Not) to Alter Me
Title: Add Magic to Taste
Title: Many Drops Make a Stream
Title: To Drive the Hundred Miles

The right side of the image shows a sample page with the header "Media Assets." Beneath this are the two Duck Prints Press logos, the general imprint logo with a rainbow duck print motif and the Duxxx Prints Press explicit imprint logo with a rainbow citrus slice motif. Text beneath this reads "Download Media Assets," "Download Our Free Zine with Previews and More," and then a new header reads Get In Touch and lists several of our contact methods. The details are not relevant to the function of this screen capture, which is aimed more at showing what the Press Kit looks like than at conveying the information contained in the image.

This resource provides all the basics about Duck Prints Press in one easy package, such as who we are, what our goals are, where you can access media assets, how to contact us, and details on our crowdfunded projects to date! We continue to update this monthly as time passes, so this will be a great, easy-to-use page for finding out what Duck Prints Press is up to!

What else have we been working on? Well…

  • We have released an Accessibility Statement, and are working to bring our website and all our epubs up to current standards in accessibility. This is very much a work in progress, but we are committed to enacting best practices that we, as a small business with limited staff, haven’t already met. This has primarily meant adding alt text to images on our webpage, as most of the rest of our page already complies with best practices. For our epub files, it’s primarily meant adding meta-data that indicates that the files are compliant with accessibility standards: our files are accessible, just not labeled as such in a findable way!
  • We’ve expanded our About Duck Prints Press page to include testimonials from our contributors and synopses of our past crowdfunding campaigns.
  • Our Upcoming Events page lists events we’ve applied to vend at, indicating when we’ve been approved and providing information on dates, times, and locations for opportunities to come meet us in person. Currently, we’re scheduled to vend at events and conventions in New York State and Massachusetts.
  • We also regularly update many of our other pages, such as adding new people to the Creators We Work With page as we publish more works, adding new editions of our free zine to our Zine page monthly, and cross-posting our General Interest and Explicit Imprint newsletters to the webpage as we send them out (though sans coupons and other bonuses – if you want newsletter-specific content, you’ll have to subscribe!)

TL:DR: Our website is an ever-expanding one-stop resource for learning more about Duck Prints Press, accessing resources we’ve created to share, shopping our titles and merchandise, reading our blog, and more! If you’ve never stopped by, why not join us today and see what we have to offer today?