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Recent Releases from Duck Prints Press!

An informational graphic with 7 rectangular book covers over a simple gradient background from blue to pink. A header reads "November New Releases from Duck Prints Press." The book covers are: "The Lightkeeper and the Sea" by Zel Howland; "Sarisa" by N. C. Farrell; "Pour One Out" by A. J. Ash; "The Wayward Timekeeper" by Terra P. Waters; "Orchidelirium" by Dei Walker; "What Monsters Need" by Lyn Weaver; and "Pretty 7 Days a Week" by R. L. Houck. At the bottom of the graphic, text reads "Become a Patreon Backer and Read These Short Stories and Many Others NOW!"

November marks the first month when all of Duck Prints Press’s new short story releases are direct to Patreon!

How do short story releases now work?

Formerly, we published two short stories to Patreon and between four and eight short stories to our website each month. However, after considering the purchasing patterns of our customers and Patreon backers, we’ve decided to consolidate these releases and only publish short stories to Patreon (and authors are paid a lump sum instead of royalties). We will aim for six stories a month, though may sometimes publish more if we didn’t hit our target in a previous month (for example, we didn’t publish six in October, so we are publishing an extra in November). The level at which each story is released is determined randomly. What level people back at determines how many stories they receive each month!

All Backers: receive one general imprint short story per month
All backers at the $5/month level and up: receive one additional general imprint short per month
All backers at the $7/month level and up: receive one additional general imprint short story + one explicit imprint short story per month
All backers at the $10/month level and up: receive one additional story per month, which may be from either imprint
$25/month backers: receive all short stories we release every month!

Put another way, $3/month = 1 story; $5/month = 2 stories; $7/month = 4 stories; $10/month = 5 stories; and $25/month = 6 stories.

This is in addition to all the other backer rewards we offer, such as behinds-the-scenes access, Discord membership, webstore discounts, free merchandise, bonus stories, and more!

November General Imprint Releases

A book cover. The background is a mottled tan parchment tone. Blue triangles in each corner bear a simple motif resembling a very stylized peacock. An ornate decorative graphic with elegant swirls is centered at the top. At the bottom is the Duck Prints Press logo. The title of the book is “The Lightkeeper and the Sea” and the author is Zel Howland. Text below the title reads: “Fantasy Horror Dark Comedy * F/NB * Capitalism is the Real Villain * Elderly Main Character.”

Title: The Lightkeeper and the Sea
Author: Zel Howland

F/NB, Eerie Fantasy with a Healthy Splash of Dark Humor, End-of-Life Decisions, Corporations are Evil Actually, Ambiguous Ending

The elderly Lightkeeper of Beaufort Spire is suffering from terminal cancer, so a representative from RIXACOM Corp comes to the lighthouse to discuss the contractual obligations related to her death. Unbeknownst to the corporate crony, though, there is a third presence in Beaufort Spire on this fateful day…

Available to Backers at the $5/month level and up!

Title: Sarisa
Author: N. C. Farrell

Friendship Between the Like-Minded, Bigender Main Character who Uses She/Her and He/Him Pronouns, Mecha and Space Battles

Lu and the crew of maintenance workers she leads in maintaining the mecha Sarisa have been waiting for sometime for Sarisa’s new pilot to be ready to take the mecha’s helm.

Today, Carina arrives.

Lu was expecting someone like the previous pilot who died in the line of duty; he was not expecting Carina.

Available to Backers at the $7/month level and up!

A book cover. The background is a mottled tan parchment tone. Blue triangles in each corner bear a simple motif resembling a very stylized peacock. An ornate decorative graphic with elegant swirls is centered at the top. At the bottom is the Duck Prints Press logo. The title of the book is “Sarisa” and the author is N. C. Farrell. Text below the title reads: “Mecha Science Fiction * Bigender Main Character * Mecha are Creepy.”
A book cover. The background is a mottled tan parchment tone. Blue triangles in each corner bear a simple motif resembling a very stylized peacock. An ornate decorative graphic with elegant swirls is centered at the top. At the bottom is the Duck Prints Press logo. The title of the book is “Pour One Out” and the author is A. J. Ash. Text below the title reads: “Humorous Metafiction * M/M * Commiserating Over Drinks.”

Title: Pour One Out
Author: A. J. Ash

Two M/M Relationships, All Book Characters Can Hang Out Together Metafiction, Two Fictional Men Commiserate While Their Other Halves are Elsewhere, Characters Critiquing the Authors Who Created Them

Whenever Adam and the love of his life Silas aren’t inhabiting the book By Mage’s Might, they hang out in the Between Place for some relaxation and downtime, and even some time apart. For example, this evening Silas is at a weight-lifting meet-up, so Adam goes to hang out at his favorite bar.

There’s someone in his seat.

Available to All Patreon Backers!

Title: The Wayward Timekeeper
Author: Terra P. Waters

M/M, Questing Together, First Meeting to Lovers, Immortality and Gods and Godly Offspring (Oh My!)

Tanyl is the oldest uncapped cleric among all his siblings, the child of Father Death and the Summer Queen. Frustrated that he hasn’t had a chance to prove himself, he awaits the return of his mother from the Underrealm and the mission that will bring him: caring for and rearing the infant she is pregnant with.

It should be an easy mission to earn him his cap, the recognition of adulthood he deserves at his age.

But when the spring equinox comes, and the Summer Queen is supposed to return from the Underrealm, the God Gate instead sits silent and empty.

Available to Backers at the $10/month level and up!

A book cover. The background is a mottled tan parchment tone. Blue triangles in each corner bear a simple motif resembling a very stylized peacock. An ornate decorative graphic with elegant swirls is centered at the top. At the bottom is the Duck Prints Press logo. The title of the book is “The Wayward Timekeeper” and the author is Terra P. Waters. Text below the title reads: “Fantasy Adventure * M/M * Gods and Their Children * Getting Together.”

November Explicit Imprint Releases

A book cover. The background is a mottled tan parchment tone. Red triangles in each corner bear a simple motif resembling a very stylized peacock. An ornate decorative graphic with elegant swirls is centered at the top. At the bottom is the Duxxx Prints Press logo. The title of the book is “Orchidelirium” and the author is Dei Walker. Text below the title reads: “Regency Erotica * F/F/M * Sex Pollen.”

Title: Orchidelirium
Author: Dei Walker

F/F/M, Reunited Lovers, Wealthy Regency Society and the Associated Norms, Consensual Aphrodisiac Consumption

Beatrice’s mother is determined that Beatrice must make a good match before the end of the Season. All Beatrice wants is to get through the last few weeks of social engagements without bringing scandal down on her family.

Three unexpected discoveries in the wilds of Lord Penrose’s hothouse threaten Beatrice’s efforts to maintain an uneventful social presence… but when all is said and done, she can’t say she really minds…

Available to Backers at the $7/month level and up!

Title: What Monsters Need
Author: Lyn Weaver
This story is a make-up for October.

M/M, Dubious Consent, Vampire Point of View with Vampiric Self-Esteem Issues, Sparring Gets Sexual

Lazarus Blythe loves his sister, but sometimes her antics frustrate him and bring him nothing but trouble. Like now, for example, when her seduction of a woman led to the murder of that woman’s husband. Now monster hunters have come knocking on Lazarus’s door looking for Leona. The interruption of his usual daily activities is annoying, but the chance to fight, and win, and prove himself against a member of the powerful Albrecht monster hunter clans?

The arrival of that opportunity on his doorstep, in the form of a blond, burly brick of a man, brings him nothing but excitement.

Available to Backers at the $7/month level and up!

A book cover. The background is a mottled tan parchment tone. Red triangles in each corner bear a simple motif resembling a very stylized peacock. An ornate decorative graphic with elegant swirls is centered at the top. At the bottom is the Duxxx Prints Press logo. The title of the book is “What Monsters Need” and the author is Lyn Weaver. Text below the title reads: “Gothic Fantasy * M/M * Vampire x Monster Hunter * Fighting to F***ing.”
A book cover. The background is a mottled tan parchment tone. Red triangles in each corner bear a simple motif resembling a very stylized peacock. An ornate decorative graphic with elegant swirls is centered at the top. At the bottom is the Duxxx Prints Press logo. The title of the book is “Pretty 7 Days a Week” and the author is R. L. Houck. Text below the title reads: “Modern * F/F/F/M/NB Orgy * Non-Binary Character Point of View * Sex Work * Power Dynamics.”

Title: Pretty 7 Days a Week
Author: R. L. Houck

F/F/F/M/NB and Permutations There Of, BIPOC Characters, Everyone Has Sex With Everyone, Non-Binary Sex Worker Point of View, Pretty Woman Vibes

When Lydia texts Tomas to arrange for an overnight liaison with them, they’re excited. Lydia is their favorite client, and they’ve never gotten to spend the night before.

That excitement fades when they arrive and discover three other people in Lydia’s hotel room.

But, with some TLC and sexy times spread liberally between the five people present, perhaps Tomas can recover those happier feelings, and advance their hope that Lydia will like them enough to keep them…

Available to Backers at the $25/month level!

So become a Duck Prints Press Supporter on Patreon, and let the Reading Commence!

And don’t forget – pre-orders are still running for the m/m sports romance Hockey Bois by A. L. Heard – make sure you come by our campaign page, learn all about the book and merchandise, and order your copy NOW!

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DPP Contributor Interview: A. L. Heard

A photograph of an open hard-cover book resting on a white surface. It's sunny and bright. A blurred-out background suggests the outdoors. Text over the image reads "Author interview! Meet A. L. Heard." The Duck Prints Press logo is at the bottom middle of the image.

A. L. Heard is one of the founding members of Duck Prints Press and has been a part of our planning team since before our official inception, offering her advice and expertise to the Press since mid-2019, and she’s been an editor on our anthologies Add Magic to Taste, And Seek (Not) to Alter Me, He Bears the Cape of Stars, She Wears the Midnight Crown, and Aim For The Heart. She’s also a prolific author of stories of all lengths and in all genres, and one of the most active authors involved with the Press.

Pre-orders of the revised edition of A. L. Heard’s debut novel Hockey Bois open on December 1st, 2023!

Want to meet A. L. Heard and ask her YOUR questions? YOU CAN! Join us TOMORROW, Thursday, November 30th, at 8 p.m. Eastern time (converter) on our Book Lover’s Discord server for a very special Ask Me Anything session with the author of Hockey Bois!

A photograph of a slim white woman, shown from the shoulders up, with a forest in the background. She is casually dressed, her hair up, and large aviator-style sunglasses cover her eyes. This is an author portrait of A. L. Heard.

Author Biography: Ashley, pen name A. L. Heard, fandom name jhoom, is a 35-year-old teacher, writer, and mother of two little boys. She’s been writing fanworks since she discovered back in her middle school days; the platform has changed and the writing’s improved, but Ashley ultimately still spends her free time writing about characters she adores in worlds she’d like to explore. Her first novel, Hockey Bois, was published in 2021. In between writing projects, she works as a language teacher in the Pittsburgh area, plays hockey, and plays trains with her sons.

Links: Bluesky | Instagram

How did you pick the name you create under?

It’s a combination of my [real life] name and family names, making it unique but also still connected to me.

When and why did you begin creating?

I started writing fic during middle school and went through phases where I’d write fic and original work and then long periods with no writing. I’m happy to be settled into writing on a regular basis 🙂

What’s your favorite part of the creation process?

The brainstorming and playing around with a new story and characters, where everything is still possible and I haven’t had to commit to any particular plot point.

Describe your ideal creation space.

An office that’s well lit with an endless supply of tea or coffee or snacks, with no distractions or extra noises except birds. Either that or a brewery or cafe with background noise.

What are your favorite snacks and/or drinks to consume while creating?

Tea, coffee, and baked goods (cookies, scones, that sort of thing)

What’s one thing (style, genre, etc.) that you think you’ll never do, and why not?

Epic fantasy – they’re awesome stories but I don’t have the creativity/brain for a large scale world and magic system like that.

Short Stories A. L. has published with Duck Prints Press:

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There’s No Time Like the Present to Back the Duck Prints Press Patreon!

There’s no time like the present to back the Duck Prints Press Patreon!

Why should you back Duck Prints Press?

  • support a queer-owned indie press, founded by fandom creators for fandom creators looking to publish their original work!
  • help a great, transparent, ethical small business that helps usually queer, often disabled, creators publish queer stories and art!
  • AND you get awesome stuff in exchange!

Wait, I’ll get stuff?

You will get so much stuff!!!

  • a free short story every month!
  • exclusive teasers and previews!
  • behind-the-scenes access via our Patreon blog and Discord!
  • voting rights to influence future anthology themes!
  • a discount in our webstore!
  • and that’s JUST THE MINIMUM LEVEL! You get all that for ONLY $3 PER MONTH. Higher levels get EVEN MORE!

Why is now a great time?

  • we will no longer be releasing new short stories to our website! So backing on Patreon will be the only way to get them!
  • as a result, we just changed how many stories our backers get!
    • $3/month backers now get one short story per month
    • $5/month backers now get two short stories per month
    • $7/month backers now a minimum of four short stories per month
    • $10/month backers now a minimum of five short stories per month
    • $25/month backers now a minimum of six short stories per month
  • when you back, you also get instant access to every single backer-reward story we’ve ever released! As of right now, that’s 30 free stories for backers at the $3/month, $5/month, and $7/month level, and 59 free stories for backers at the $10/month and $25/month level! That’s a LOT of stories!!!
  • Did you just buy Many Drops Make a Stream by Adrian Harley? People who back us on Patreon will get an exclusive epilogue when we fulfill the pre-order campaign! And, if you back us at the $10/month or $25/month level before October 15th, you can still get our Patreon-exclusive bonus reward (it’s a totally awesome engraved wooden coaster)! We’ll add the extra retroactively to your order, even though pre-orders are now closed!
  • Did you just buy To Drive the Hundred Miles by Alec J. Marsh? Patrons at the $10/month and $25/month level who back the campaign (which runs until October 20th!) will also get a bonus extra: a snowflake ornament!
  • and I mean, isn’t it always a good time to support a queer indie press?

So come on over to our Patreon, help us grow our Press, and get lots of awesome stuff for yourself!

Who We Are: Duck Prints Press LLC is an independent publisher owned and operated by @unforth. We work with fan creators to publish their original art and stories. We are particularly dedicated to publishing works featuring characters from across the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. Love what we do but aren’t up for backing right now? That’s okay! Sign up for our monthly newsletter and get previews, behind-the-scenes information, coupons, and more!

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It’s Bisexual Visibility Day! Come See Duck Prints Press’s Bisexuals!

Earlier this week, we celebrated the start of Bisexual Awareness Week by sharing 18 books we’ve read and loved that include bisexual characters. Today, we aim to bring visibility to some titles that aren’t as widely known: our own! We’ve got three anthologies, two novels, and five short stories that feature explicitly bisexual characters. Learn all about ‘um now!

To Fill My Cup by Violet J. Hayes

“Here, Grandma, let me get you a stool.” Talia hurried to bring one from the other side of the island and helped her settle down into it. “Do you want a fresh cup of coffee?”

“No, dear, I’m fine.” One by one, her grandmother picked up each sweet potato. Her fingers were stiff with arthritis, the knuckles swollen. Talia wondered if she could get her plain gold wedding band off even if she wanted to. She turned each potato in her hands, murmuring as she did so. Talia knew she was doing math to calculate the number of servings, but it gave the impression of a sorcerer muttering an incantation.

I think my grandma might be a witch, she texted Rachael, and was surprised when her phone rang a moment later. “Hey, Rach.”


It only took that single word for Talia to know something was off. “What’s wrong?”

Add Magic to Taste with contributions by 20 authors; five of the stories include bisexual characters

For Add Magic to Taste, 20 authors have come together to produce new, original short stories uniting four of our absolute favorite themes: queer relationships, fluff, magic, and coffee shops! Our diverse writers have created an even more diverse collection of stories guaranteed to sweeten your coffee and warm your tart.

A Mutual Interest by Alec J. Marsh

Tirsa stopped arguing with Jeromy after they reached the outskirts of the city, and by the time they’d made it to open countryside she had fallen asleep, snuggled against the window of the jeep under his coat. He didn’t mind her arguing, not exactly, but she was arguing against her own best interests. She deserved a weekend off.

The traffic grew thicker as they neared the army checkpoint into Kestilav Province, and Jeromy pulled to a stop. Tirsa didn’t stir, and her breathing whistled a little bit. Jeromy’s heart squeezed with fondness.

Commit to the Kick by Tris Lawrence

For eighteen years, Alaric has lived under the cloying politics of family and his Clan community. His freshman year is supposed to be a chance to explore a world where Clan and his shapeshifting Talent isn’t central to his life. But when his inner bear bursts forth during his first football game, endangering those around him, Alaric realizes that it’s not so easy to ignore his past, or his own internalized anger.

In his quest for anger management, Alaric begins to train in taekwondo, and makes new friends in both sports. He finds that he is creating his own small community, where Clan, Mages, other Talents, and even humans come together and build their own found family.

When Alaric receives news that something has happened to his brother Orson, he must return and deal with his Clan and his place in their world. He discovers that old prejudices are still strong between Clan and Mage communities, but that both may be in danger from a creature long thought to be only a legend. Alaric must figure out how to move forward and prevent a war and protect both his home and newly built communities, his found family with him every step of the way.

Bubble, Bubble by Sage Mooreland

“Punk, if you don’t get your rear end down here, we’re not going to be able to go!” Charlotte called up the stairs. “I thought you wanted to do three blocks tonight?”

There was a muffled thump, some child-friendly cursing, and then running feet. “Mama, gimme a minute! Dad’s fixing my costume!”

And Seek (Not) to Alter Me: Queer Fanworks Inspired by Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, an anthology with contributions by 16 authors and 16 artists; three of the stories include bisexual characters

In And Seek (Not) to Alter Me, 16 authors and 16 artists have come together to create an exquisite, full-color collection of artwork and stories inspired by William Shakespeare’s play Much Ado About Nothing. We encouraged contributors to stretch their imaginations, think outside the box, and put their own unique—and queer—twists on Benedick, Beatrice, Hero, Claudio, Don Pedro, and the whole gang! In true Shakespearean fashion, our creators utilize gender, sexuality, romanticism, and a host of costume changes to tell unique artworks and stories—some featuring original characters, some characters from the play—that show Shakespeare’s work in a whole new light.

A Glimmer of Hope by Nina Waters

Gregory Adalwin’s life ended the day in 1746 when his liege lord, Duke Haribert Schultheis-Königsmann, was murdered. With everything he’d spent a thousand years building in ruins, Gregory set out to wreak vengeance on those who had killed the Duke. He didn’t expect to survive. Yet, a century after completing his revenge, Gregory is somehow still breathing. He wastes his days in an alcoholic stupor, clothed and fed and housed at the sufferance of Teyrngar Gwehydd, once sworn to his service, now owed more than he can ever hope to repay. The only things that get him out of bed are the vodka that Mstislav Alkayev sneaks to him and the prospect of spending time with the beautiful pixie Yermolai Praskovya. No one remembers who Gregory is, no one knows him, and no one cares about him. After how Gregory failed his Duke, he deserves nothing more.

Or so he thinks, until someone tries to kill him, and Gregory is confronted by a stupefying question: who on earth could possibly give enough of a damn about him to want him dead?

In Which James Willoby Enjoys a Ball Far More Than One Should by A. L. Heard

It was halfway through the second dance when “the moment” finally came.

James caught sight of him at a distance, a familiar form lurking at the periphery of his vision. As he turned with the dance, James focused on that corner of the ballroom, locking eyes with none other than their host.

Haywood Keating was by all accounts a handsome man. Nearly ten years James’s senior, he exuded the type of charm and confidence only the wealthy could afford, coaxing smiles and earning admiration wherever he went. His dark suit, although perfectly tailored and pressed, was almost boring when viewed among the other gentry wearing their best, but the bright-purple cravat dotted with yellow paisley made him stand out all the same. His hair was longer these days, the dark strands beginning to curl but currently tamed; his footman must have pulled it back and fastened it with that vibrant-green ribbon that complemented his dark complexion. A sight to behold, as always.

He Bears the Cape of Stars, an anthology with contributions by 17 authors; three of the stories include bisexual characters

He Bears the Cape of Stars is one of our two paired masquerade-themed anthologies. It features 17 stories exploring mlm relationships developing, growing, and changing while the characters attend or participate in masquerades!

The collected works in He Bears the Cape of Stars feature men and masculine-leaning genderqueer characters, with a spectrum of sexualities, and these diverse individuals inhabit worlds ranging from a science fiction setting where everyone must be masked to breathe, to a fantasy world where no one wears a literal mask but everyone shows the world a false guise, to an iteration of the real world where all the characters truly want is to take their masks off and show the world who they really are. Our contributors stretched their imaginations to present innovative stories exploring what a masquerade can be…and, of course, tell rich, engaging tales of wonderful queer folk finding love, companionship, acceptance, the queer platonic relationship of their dreams, or the found family they deserve.

No One Right Way by R. L. Houck

Sometime a little past 9 p.m., Rachel swanned into the bedroom from the bathroom. She paused suddenly a few steps past the doorway. Nikkōka glanced up, noting she wore the shorts-and-T-shirt combo she normally donned for bed. Her mouth was pinched with anxiety despite her confident stance.

“I am horny, and I am going to get off,” she announced.

Did you know? You can read many of these stories RIGHT NOW, and claim the others as freebies, by becoming a support of Duck Prints Press on Patreon!

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Two New Erotica Titles for September!

Both of September’s new erotica short stories expand on existing ‘verses that the authors have long been exploring. Learn all about them now!

Title: Just Let Me Lose Control
Series: Welcome to PHU
Author: Tris Lawrence

This is a “canon insert” that takes place midway through the events of Commit to the Kick.

M/M, Friends with Benefits, Loss of Virginity, No-Strings-Attached Relationship

An itch has been growing worse under Alaric’s skin for a long time, and he finally thinks he knows how to cure it: by getting laid.

This is the story of what happened when Alaric left Teas Please to find Thorne for the first time.

Title: Want You Both
Series: Pet Names: A Fantasy M x M x M Smut Collection
Author: boneturtle

M/M/M, Fantasy, Waking Up Together, PWP (Plot, What Plot?), Double Penetration

Mithros wakes up to Aren masturbating and Samael still asleep, and need burns inside him.

Surely, Mithros and Aren can satisfy each other without waking up their other husband. But if Samael does wake up, maybe Mithros can finally get what he truly wants.

In addition to these two new releases, we are excited to share that, as of today, you can now purchase every erotica title we’ve ever published by buying our four convenient bundles!

Yep, that’s right – for $44.24 US you can get every erotica short story and novelette that Duck Prints Press has published. That’s 30 stories!

And now is a great moment to catch up on our past releases, because starting in October, we will (mostly) no longer be publishing short stories to our webpage. Instead, all story debuts will be straight-to-Patreon (we may still do the occasional “re-publish” of a former Patreon-exclusive to the website). So, if you want to make sure you don’t miss out on all the short story greatness that Duck Prints Press has to offer, it’s a good time to start thinking about backing us monthly on Patreon! We’ll be sharing more information about these changes in October.

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Three New Erotica Stories From Duck Prints Press!

What day is it? Release day! And have we got some steamy new stories for you. Check out our August erotica releases!

Title: Brambles, Pollen, and Other Natural Disasters
Author: A. L. Heard

M/M, Modern, 100% Certified Consensual Sex Pollen, Friends to Lovers, Mutual Pining

When Nick and Brady move into an off-campus house, the landlady warns them to leave the overgrown backyard alone.

Nick expects his long-time crush on Brady to be the main issue he has to grapple with when they live together.

He does not expect the backyard to throw a wrench into their relationship.

This story is an alternate universe take on Nick Porter and Brady Jensen, the main characters of A. L. Heard’s novel “Hockey Bois.” No knowledge of the source material is needed to enjoy this story.

Title: Close and Warm
Author: Robin Mal

F/M, Established Relationship, Fluffy Loving Support for a Trans Man’s Sexual Boundaries

T has brought many changes to Max’s life and his body, but he’s been reluctant to explore the physical changes, preferring to focus on what he knows how to do well: pleasure his girlfriend Luoyu.

But when Luoyu announces, during a long, lazy afternoon, that she’d like to give him a blow job, he realizes…maybe he’s ready to let her take care of him.

At least, he’s very interested in trying…

Title: Cecaelia
Author: Dei Walker

F/F, Cruise Ship Hook Up, Half-Octopus Singer x Human Passenger, Consentacles

Halyna originally planned to go on a cruise with her girlfriend, but she’s not going to let the fact that they’ve broken up ruin her vacation, even if it means she’s now traveling solo and nursing a wounded heart.

But she might sulk, a little, over fancy drinks in the lounge.

That turns out to be a great plan, because if she hadn’t been in the lounge, she’d never heard Stella Maris’s dulcet voice, nor seen her sultry, come-hither gaze.

Duck Prints Press has over 25 other erotic stories, set in a variety of genres and featuring a range of ship types, so come on over and check out all the sexy we have in store for you!

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Last Day to Buy Our Pride Bundles and Support Queer Charities!

Today is July 28th, which means it’s the last day to buy our General Imprint Pride Bundle and Erotica Imprint Pride Bundle, save money on our stories, and help us raise funds to donate to the Ali Forney Center and Transgender Law Center!

Each bundle costs $19.69, in honor of the year of Stonewall. The Press is donating 40% of our share of the proceeds to the charities, and many of our authors chose to donate part of their share to charity as well, with the result that more than 35% of each bundle sale will go directly to the causes our authors have chosen to support. Thus far, we’ve raised just over $300; we’ll divide our final total in half and make the donations once the fundraiser is complete, and we’ll post receipts for transparency purposes.

The General Imprint bundle includes 14 short stories – 175 pages of very queer fiction – with works by Alec J. Marsh, Annabeth Lynch, D. V. Morse, Era J. M. Couts, J. D. Harlock, Nicola Kapron, Nina Waters, nottesilhouette, Puck Malamud, R. L. Houck, Sage Mooreland, Theresa Tanner, Tris Lawrence, and Violet J. Hayes. Approximately $7 of every General Imprint bundle purchase goes to charity (35%).

The Erotica Imprint bundle includes 11 short stories – a steamy, smutty 151 pages – with works by Aeryn Jemariel Knox, Alec J. Marsh, boneturtle, Dei Walker, Lyn Weaver, Mikki Madison, Nina Waters, R. L. Houck, Samantha M. Piper, Tris Lawrence, and Xianyu Zhou. Approximately $8 of every Erotica Imprint bundle purchase goes to charity (40%).

DUCK PRINTS PRESS gets your eyes on two whole bundles of our publications.

THE CHARITIES get cold, hard cash!

AND YOU get great stories, a sampler of works written by the authors who are part of Duck Prints Press! Some come on over and BUY YOUR 2023 GENERAL IMPRINT AND EROTICA IMPRINT PRIDE BUNDLES NOW!

You can read more about this charity drive, the Press, the charities, and the stories by reading this post!