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New Releases from Duck Prints Press!

A square banner graphic entitled "Duck Prints Press Release Day!" over a watercolor-esque rainbow background. On the graphic are: a book cover with a dragon making a potion, labeled "Add Magic to Taste 2nd Edition"; art of eight creatures in stylized cute art and pride flag colors - trans pegasus lounging on a cotton candy puff, non-binary dragon counting money in a bottle, mlm nessie relaxing in an open tuna fish can, genderqueer hydra laughing atop of kylix, agender/aromantic kelpie standing in a marsh, bisexual chimera playing amidst water, asexual cerberus standing before a stained glass window, and wlw phoenix in flight - labeled "Mythical Pride Creature Pins and Stickers"; a book cover showing two people, one black and one lighter skinned (race not clear) doing Science with a flower, and related merchandise of a sky whale in non-binary colors, an art print of the same cover art, a sticker of a floating robot watering plants, a bookmark of someone playing music amidst magic swirls, and a punk dux with crystalline wings, all labeled "Aether Beyond the Binary Book and Merchandise!" At the bottom, additional text reads, "AND MORE! Visit NOW!"

Duck Prints Press is thrilled to share that we’ve released books and merchandise from our recently completed projects for sale in our webstore! Missed a crowdfunding campaign? Finding out about us for the first? See something you want? Come on over and pick up our anthologies, merch, pride creatures, and more! Here’s the full list of what’s now available!

Add Magic to Taste 2nd Edition:

This second edition of our debut anthology includes 18 stories (instead of the original 20) and also includes all 16 “mini-morsels” originally published as our Kickstarter stretch goal mini-book. The original version is also still available as an e-book.

Aether Beyond the Binary:

Mythical Pride Creature Die-Cut Stickers and Enamel Pins:

The creatures who have names were dubbed these titles by Kickstarter backers who purchased our name-a-beast bundle!

…and more!

There’s actually only one new “and more” item, but there’s lots of other awesome books and merchandise in our store!

Add Magic to Taste 2nd Edition and Aether Beyond the Binary are also both now available through e-book distribution channels, including many libraries and major retailers! The print-on-demand editions through retailers and local bookstores are pending, as our print-on-demand vendor STILL hasn’t delivered the print proofs for our approval. They’ll be up shortly.

Visit NOW!

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“Many Hands” is a Kickstarter “Project We Love!”

A banner graphic with the words "Many Hands: An Anthology of Polyamorous Erotica" written over an art of the entangled arms and legs of some number of people who are lying over a flat background of red and orange flowers. The Duck Prints Press logo is in the lower left corner. At the bottom middle-left is the official Kickstarter circular badge with a heart in the center and text that reads "Projects We Love Kickstarter."

We’re over the moon to share that Many Hands: An Anthology of Polyamorous Erotica has been named a Kickstarter “Project We Love.” This keeps up our streak – this is our fifth Kickstarted anthology, and all five have been named “Projects We Love,” highlighting our track record for honestly describing our projects, meeting our goals, and fulfilling our campaigns with fidelity.

Many Hands has also been added to Kickstarter’s July Event “Heartstrings and Hardbacks,” focused on promoting romance book projects this summer! Not every story in Many Hands is a romance, and it’s an honor for Kickstarter to decide we qualify for the event.

We introduced our new anthology in our announcement post – 15 stories! Amazing authors! Scrumptious smut! – so join us as we take a moment to introduce our campaign merchandise! We’re offering six lovely extras across two tiers – a “basic merch” level and an “all the merch” level.

Basic Merchandise

Our third backer tier includes the book in trade paperback and these three awesome items – a new Dux sticker, an art print, and a bookmark! These items are also each available as add-ons to people who back at any level that includes physical merchandise.

Three ducks standing together with their wings around each other, embracing. The left duck is white, the right duck brown, and the central duck is colored in a gradient of purple, pink, and blue, the colors of the polyamorous pride flag.
Artwork, wrap-around-cover sized, of a group of people in sexually suggestive positions, over a bed of orange and pink stylized flowers. There are six people shown in total, with a seventh whose hands are only visible. The people have a variety of skin tones, apparent genders, and body shapes/weights. On the left, a short-haired person with very large breasts lays on their back, with a long-haired person curled up by their belly, their elbow covering the lying-down person's crotch. The lying down person gazes at a mustached person who is mostly not shown, and their gazes meet. This third person is joining the curled-up person in fondling the nipple of the person lying down. The lying-down person stretches out a hand and a leg, and these are both linked to the main figure on the front over, who is smaller breasted, lying on their back, and looking at the art viewer. Behind them lies a person with a goatee who embraces them and has a hand on the thigh of the mustached-mostly-off-camera person. The last figure lies with their back to the viewer, their face over the crotch of the central figure on the right, and the leg of the bearded person who supports the main right-side figure is curled around to cover the butt of this last person.
A long, narrow art piece of a person of indeterminate gender lying down, head at the bottom of the image, crotch toward the top, with fabric draped over them to hide their breasts and genitals. Hands of different skin tones reach toward them from out of frame, cupping their breast, touching their legs, and similarly interacting with their body.
  • Polyamorous Dux Die-Cut Sticker: Alessa Riel is back with a brand-new dux design, featuring multiple dux and their many wings! Dux is our non-binary Press mascot (you can learn more about Dux here), and for this campaign, Dux is getting their snuggle on with two duck friends. 4 in x 2 in/10.25 cm x 5 cm. (Printed by Vograce.)
  • Art Print of the Front Cover: a gorgeous matte print of the front cover art. 8.5 in x 11 in./21.5 cm x 28 cm. Art by Aaron Kotze. (Printed by Printkeg.) You can view the cover here.
  • Many Hands Bookmark: this lovely tasseled, glossy bookmark features a second artwork by cover artist Aaron Kotze. On the back are the signatures of the contributors. 2 in x 7 in/5 cm x 17.75 cm. (Printed by UPrinting.)

Higher-Tier Merchandise

To get the all the merchandise, backers can support us for our highest-level tier, which includes the three “basic merchandise” items introduced above, and also an enamel pin, enamel key chain, and a citrus-and-mint scented candle! The only way to get the candle is to back at this level; the two enamelware items are available as add-ons to lower levels.

A circular tin with a sticker on the top. The sticker has a picture of a citrus slice with each segment a different color of the rainbow, and text on the label reads "Warning: Contains Lemons. Mint and citrus scent."
An enamel pin design of a dragon in the colors of the older polyamorous pride flag. There is a pi symbol on the dragon's wings.
An enamelware design of a salamander with hearts down their back. They are in the colors of the newer polyamorous pride flag.
  • Lemon Love Candle: a gorgeous mint-and-citrus scented candle in a 3 oz/85 ml metal tin, approximately 2 in/5 cm circular, made by anthology contributor Alec J. Marsh of Speculative Wicktion.
  • Poly Pride Dragon Key Chain: an awesome, cute key chain featuring a design inspired by the original polyamorous pride flag. Art is by reshipkmn. Epoxy-coated soft enamel with gold metal. 1.5 in x 1 in/3.75 cm x 2.5 cm. (Manufactured by Alchemy.)
  • Poly Pride Salamander Enamel Pin: this super sweet salamander is bedecked in the colors of the 2022 tricolor polyamory flag. Art is by reshipkmn. 2 in x 2 in/5 cm x 5 cm. Epoxy-coated soft enamel with black metal. (Manufactured by Alchemy.)

Tons of books and merchandise from our previous campaigns is also available as add-ons, which means no matter what merch you like, odds are we’ll have something you’ll enjoy!

AND you’ll get an amazing, spicy book TOO!

See something you gotta have? Come check out our Kickstarter campaign page NOW!

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The Kickstarter Campaign for Our First Erotic Anthology is LIVE!

A banner graphic with the words "Many Hands: An Anthology of Polyamorous Erotica" written over an art of the entangled arms and legs of some number of people who are lying over a flat background of red and orange flowers. The Duck Prints Press logo is in the lower left corner.

Join us as we crowdfund our first-ever erotica anthology, Many Hands: An Anthology of Polyamorous Erotica!

For those who love their short stories spicy, we’re delighted to announce Duck Prints Press’s debut explicit anthology Many Hands: An Anthology of Polyamorous Erotica. In this collection of brand-new stories, we celebrate many flavors of polyamory. Orgy? Yes please! Ménage à trois? C’est magnifique! Foursomes and moresomes? Delighted to attend! We asked our contributors to blow our minds with their fun combinations, unusual settings, favorite trope usage, and (of course) super sexy smut—and they didn’t disappoint. From a vampire free-for-all to a heartfelt reunion, from surprise soulmates to enemies-to-lovers, this collection has polyamory in lots of scrumptious varieties that lovers of erotica won’t want to miss!

This book contains 15 stories, each up to 7,500 words, by our awesome fan-authors-turned-original-fic-authors. The cover is by the awesome Aaron Kotze, and campaign merchandise features art by him, Alessa Riel, reshipkmn, and Speculative Wicktion.

A graphic over an orange gradient background, showing the campaign merchandise. The book cover shows three people of indeterminate gender and different skin tones in a tangled embrace. The bookmark shows a person lying in the center with hands reaching on-canvas to grasp them. The art print shows the full wrap around cover, with the three people on front and another three people fondling each other on the back. The sticker shows three stylized dux in an embrace, with a gradient in the colors of the poly flag. The candle is in a tin labeled "Warning :Contains Lemons" and with a citrus slice on it. Lastly, there is artwork for enamelware, one of a dragon in the old poly pride flag colors and one of a salamander in the new poly pride flag colors.

This campaign runs until July 20th, 2024 – there’s no better time than TODAY to become a campaign backer!

It’s also a great time to become a Patreon backer – and you’ll get a free bonus piece of merch if you back both the Many Hands campaign and are a $10/month or $25/month level supporter!

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Happy National Haiku Day! Enjoy These 15 Poems

Today, April 17 2024, is National Haiku Day! We celebrated by writing some poems. 😀 Not all adhere to the syllable count correctly but hey, it’s the spirit that counts…we had fun writing them, and we hope you have fun reading them!

Graphic 1 of 15 for National Haiku Day. This, and all subsequent graphics, bears the label "Haiku Day" and has a blue artsy circle over a white background. Within the circle is the text of a haiku and the name of the author, and the circle is accented with clipart that aligns with the topic of the poem. On this graphic, the poem reads: "A quiet minute to gather my thoughts, and then I get back to work." Author: Nina Waters. The clipart is of a melty-looking clock.
Graphic 2 of 15 for National Haiku Day. On this graphic, the poem reads: "A huge between friends - close and secure, safe and warm - nothing can beat it." Author: Nina Waters. The clipart is of a of two disembodied arms, one light skinned, one dark skinned, embracing.
Graphic 3 of 15 for National Haiku Day. On this graphic, the poem reads: "Take a character. Take another character. Then, hehehehe." Author: Xianyu Zhou. The clipart is of an emoji making the suggestive "hey..." smirk expression.
Graphic 4 of 15 for National Haiku Day. On this graphic, the poem reads: "Sleep now, little one. Nothing hides beneath the bed. It comes out at night." Author: Rhosyn Goodfellow. The clipart is of a scary face with large eyes, a triangle nose, and jack-o-lantern squiggly mouth.
Graphic 5 of 15 for National Haiku Day. On this graphic, the poem reads: "UST, angst, desire. The heart longs, desperately. Who can hear its cry?" Author: Kelas. The clipart is of a pink heart with an eye in the middle of it, the eye shedding a single large tear.
Graphic 6 of 15 for National Haiku Day. On this graphic, the poem reads: "Colors in the sky. When the sun winds kiss the earth, a rainbow at night." Author: Alessa Riel. The clipart is of an aurora borealis in all colors of the rainbow.
Graphic 7 of 15 for National Haiku Day. On this graphic, the poem reads: "Strangers to lovers. There was only one bed. Must have been fate." Author: Alessa Riel. The clipart is of a bed with pink and gray pillows, one shaped like a heart.
Graphic 8 of 15 for National Haiku Day. On this graphic, the poem reads: "Bookshop meet cute and they were roommates. Love at first sight." Author: Alessa Riel. The clipart is of a cupid bow with a red heart arrow shedding additional hearts.
Graphic 9 of 15 for National Haiku Day. On this graphic, the poem reads: "stupid fucking taxes. US, why are you so dumb? just the worst system." Author: E. C. The clipart is of a a paper labeled TAX with stylized money atop them.
Graphic 10 of 15 for National Haiku Day. On this graphic, the poem reads: "wealth-hoarding, greedy, crime via complexity. time to eat the rich." Author: E. C.. The clipart is of a guillotine.
Graphic 11 of 15 for National Haiku Day. On this graphic, the poem reads: "Sometimes, when it rains a bloated pigeon's body falls from the drain pipe." Author: boneturtle. The clipart is of a a bird, but it's in jagged black lines and heavily stylized.
Graphic 12 of 15 for National Haiku Day. On this graphic, the poem reads: "Golden pockets there while mine are filled with ashes. Life just isn't fair." Author: Cedar. The clipart is of a pair of hands reaching out to open a brown wallet to show the money compartment bare save for a single coin and a cobweb.
Graphic 13 of 15 for National Haiku Day. On this graphic, the poem reads: "Trickle down a lie. A puddle at your bootstraps. Try to lift them up." Author: Cedar. The clipart is of a spurred boots standing in a puddle.
Graphic 14 of 15 for National Haiku Day. On this graphic, the poem reads: "Fear consumes me, love, but flees when you grab onto my soft, trembling hand." Author: Terra P. Waters. The clipart is of a pair of hands, one brown, one peach, reaching toward each other.
Graphic 15 of 15 for National Haiku Day. On this graphic, the poem reads: "A tall tree offers one tiny cluster of blooms, patiently tended." Author: Shea Sullivan. The clipart is of a tree with three colored flowers blooming on it.

Why not take a moment and join us by writing a haiku of your own in the comments? We’d love to read yours!

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Aether Beyond the Binary: Final 48 Hours

The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for our anthology Aether Beyond the Binary, featuring 17 stories of non-binary, genderqueer, genderfluid, agender, bigender, and other outside-the-binary characters living in modern aetherpunk settings, has entered our final two days of funding! And we’ve crossed our funding goal (after a scare with a fake pledge that has made things…uh…interesting)!!

It’s not too late to get your copy of this awesome collection made by our very queer press by our very queer contributors. We wrap on January 25th at 9:35 a.m. Eastern time.

Learn more about Aether Beyond the Binary now by visiting the Kickstarter campaign, or read on for more info…

A graphic entitled "Aether Beyond the Binary." It shows the cover of the anthology (two people of indeterminate gender doing science, one with a flower hovering over their hand, the other holding a tablet), the sky whale enamel pin (a green whale flying through a cloudy purple night sky, the non-binary symbol balancing from its mouth), the aether dux sticker (a duck with a blue mohawk, choker necklace and a harness securing crystal wings to their torso), the plant-watering robot holographic sticker (a cute flying robot watering a tropical potted plant), and the aether musician bookmark (a young white person playing the guitar, magical swirls in the non-binary pride colors dancing around them).

What would the Earth look like if the very atoms that compose the planet were suffused with magical aether? How would our lives in the modern world be different if this aether was discovered last year, or last decade, or last century, or last millennia? How might the people who inhabit this oh-so-different but still modern Earth explore their gender identities? These are the questions we posed to the 17 authors chosen to contribute to Duck Prints Press’s newest anthology Aether Beyond the Binary. Their diverse answers are bound together in this must-not-miss collection of stories about magical worlds, adventures and mysteries, new chances and well-earned endings, and characters as gender-diverse as the worlds they inhabit. 

Aether Beyond the Binary features 17 stories, each up to 7,500 words. We aim to publish it as an e-book (ePub and PDF), and to print it digest size, 5.5 in x 8.5 in (14 cm x 21.5 cm) in both trade paperback and hardcover formats. Aether Beyond the Binary also features a spectacular wrap-around cover by non-binary artist Mar Spragge; this will be printed as a lovely gloss dust jacket for the hardcover edition. 

Curious about the project? You can learn way more by visiting the campaign page or by checking out our other blog posts about it to learn more about our merch and contributors and read excerpts, creator interviews, and more:

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Aether Beyond the Binary Merch Spotlight: All About Dux

Dux, also known as Darcy Paige Paddlesworth III (as named by our Patrons), is the non-binary Duck Prints Press mascot who uses they/them pronouns. All our ducks are called Dux – no matter what they wear or where they go, they’re still our darling Dux! You can learn more about Dux and see Dux’s many incarnations by visiting the Get to Know Dux page on our website.

Aether Dux

For the Aether Beyond the Binary campaign, Dux designer Alessa Riel has pulled out all the stops, equipping Dux with an awesome Mohawk and amazing crystalline wings. Are they cybernetic? Are they an assistive device? Are they just for the aesthetique ™? Dux hasn’t told us – so you can draw your own conclusions!

A drawing of a duck with a blue mohawk, blue eyeliner, and crystalline wings instead of feathers.

Aether Dux die-cut stickers, 3 in x 3 in (7.5 cm x 7.5 cm), are one of the core merchandise items for this crowdfunding campaign – everyone who backs at a level that includes merchandise will get this Dux sticker, and everyone who gets only the book can add an Aether Dux sticker to their order as an add-on.

But – this isn’t the only Dux merch being offered as add-ons! We’ve also got…

Dux Keychain

An acrylic key chain with metal hardware, featuring a picture of a white duck with an orange beak and orange feet. The duck faces the viewer, and their beak curves in a slight smile.

A sturdy acrylic key chain with metal hardware, 3 in x 1.5 in (7.5 cm x 4 cm). (also available on our website)

The Basic Dux Sticker Set

A graphic depicting four stickers. One is a white duck with orange beak and feet, shown from the front, wearing a red bow tie. The second is the neck and head of a duck, with the eyes replaced by large rainbow hearts. The third is the Duck Prints Press logo, with rainbow duck prints on the left and below the company name and the white and orange duck mascot (sans bowtie) standing on the right. The last is a circle made of duck prints, each print a different color of the rainbow from yellow to green, plus white and brown.

This set of 4 die-cut stickers includes our logo with Dux standing proudly beside it, a rainbow circle of Dux prints, are cute heart-eyes Dux, and our most popular Dux sticker, bowtie Dux! All four of these stickers are available individually through our website, but as part of the Kickstarter, you can get the four as an add-on bundle for only $10, instead of the usual $12 if you bought them individually!

The Costumed Dux Sticker Set

A graphic depicting four stickers. Top left: a duck wearing an apron and carrying a teacup with saucer and a cupcake. Top right: a duck wearing a feathered hat and tabard and wielding a rapier. Bottom left: a duck, green instead of the usual white, wearing a witch hat, carrying a broom and pumpkin, and standing before a crescent moon. Bottom right: a duck wearing a feathered cap and a neck ruff, carrying a book in one wing and a feather pin dripping rainbow ink in the other.

This set includes our two most recent costumed Dux – musketeer Dux, from our recent anthology Aim For The Heart: Queer Fanworks Inspired by Alexandre Dumas’s “The Three Musketeers” and witch Dux, created as a Patreon reward last Halloween (our largest Dux sticker ever, nearly 4 in by 4 in/10.25 cm x 10.25 cm). It also includes our two most popular costumed Dux, barista Dux (debuted with our anthology Add Magic to Taste) and bard Dux (who accompanied our first Queer Fanworks Anthology, And Seek (Not) to Alter Me, with stories and art inspired by “Much Ado About Nothing.”) Again, all these are available from our webstore, but the bundle is discounted for Kickstarter add-on purposes!

Other Merch

Dux is also featured on our tote bag, a common sight in our seconds grab bags, and of course they are the inspiration behind the absolutely adorable Dux plushies made by EmpowerFantasy Plush (we had five for this campaign, and we’re already down to only two left, so if you want one you should grab it now – and these are NOT currently available from our website!). And of course…

The Ultimate: YOUR OWN DUX

If you love dux even a fraction as much as we do, you can also still claim our ultimate add-on: a custom Dux designed by Alessa Riel to YOUR specifications. We only have this opportunity on offer once for the Aether Beyond the Binary campaign, and this is only the second time we’ve ever offered this! There are a few restrictions (for example, Dux most remain non-binary), but this is a great chance to get your very own lovable duck! Make sure you review the add-on text for all the details. 😀

Long story short: we love Dux, and we hope now that you’ve gotten to know them, you do too!

So back our Kickstarter, and don’t forget to add-on ALL THE DUX!

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Back the Aether Beyond the Binary Kickstarter Campaign!

The cover for the anthology "Aether Beyond the Binary, A Duck Prints Press Anthology." The image shows two people of indeterminate gender standing side by side. One has light skin (white, Asian, or Latine are the most likely races), short white hair, brown eyes, and wears multiple earrings, a brown shirt, and white overalls. They have one hand raised and in that hand they wear a green glove, and above the glove, a blooming bluebell plant hovers in the air. Beside them is a Black person with long dreads and glasses. They have a single piercing, and they were a blue shirt and also wear the same white overalls. Their hands are gloved in green, and they carry a glowing tablet. Plants in the foreground block the view of these people from the waist up. Behind them, light swirls in shades of green and teal, with occasional sparkling stars interspersed.

Duck Prints Press is thrilled to announce that the crowdfunding campaign for science-fantasy gender-diverse sixth anthology Aether Beyond the Binary is now live on Kickstarter!

The core concept of Aether Beyond the Binary is simple and compelling: create intriguing main characters outside the gender binary and set them loose to explore the modern world twisted or barely changed, enhanced or destroyed by magical aether. This power source may replace technology, supplement it, or oppose it. These characters may be agender, genderfluid, bigender, or any other non-binary identity. The thread that these tales share is exploration: of the world around them and of the self. We propose no conclusions; instead, we demonstrate how far-reaching the questions are and how expansive the range of possible answers can be, thereby broadening the discussion about the nature of gender and the place of genderqueer characters in science-fantasy fiction. We hope you’ll join us to explore the endless possibilities of these magical worlds.

This anthology includes 17 stories, each up to 7,500 words, by our diverse fancreators-turned-original-fiction-authors, gorgeous artwork by Mar Spragge, Pippin Peacock, Alessa Riel, and Atomic Pixies, amazing merchandise, and awesome add-on extras.

A graphic entitled "Aether Beyond the Binary." It shows the cover of the anthology, the sky whale enamel pin, the aether dux sticker, the plant-watering robot holographic sticker, and the aether musician bookmark.

Looking for the perfect post-holiday purchase? Look no further! Get awesome, gorgeous stuff, a fantastic, erudite book, and support queer indie publishing – become a backer of the Aether Beyond the Binary crowdfunding campaign TODAY!

Campaign ends January 25th, 2024.

Patreon backers who support the crowdfunding campaign can also get an excellent extra: the adorable plant-watering backer as a key chain! So there’s no time like the present to back us on Patreon, too!

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Gorgeous Merchandise to Accompany an Awesome Anthology!

Graphic labeled "Meet the Aether Beyond the Binary Merchandise." It shows a book cover for the Aether Beyond the Binary anthology, and then four other labeled images:
"Hologram Plant-Watering Robot Sticker (art by Mar Spragge)": a floating robot watering tropical plants.
"Aether Music Magic Bookmark (art by Pippin Peacock)": a white person playing the guitar with magical swirls coming from where their hands strum.
"Non-Binary Sky Whale Enamel Pin (art by Atomic Pixies)": a green whale flying before a purple sky and clouds and yellow stars. A chain with a non-binary symbol charm dangles from its mouth.
"Aether Dux Sticker (art by Alessa Riel)": a duck, their wings spread, with a blue mohawk and crystals where their wing feathers would be.
Text at the bottom reads: Kickstarter launches in FOUR DAYS! Follow our Pre-Launch Page TODAY!"

It wouldn’t be a Duck Prints Press crowdfunding campaign if we didn’t have super cool merchandise to accompany our spectacular anthology of outside-the-binary characters exploring aetherpunk worlds, Aether Beyond the Binary. We worked with some really awesome creators this time, and we’re so excited to share the art they’ve done and the merch we’ll be making with it!

  • Hologram Plant-Loving Robot Sticker: this adorable plant-watering bot graces the back cover of the wrap-around cover by Mar Spragge, and they and the plants they’re watering will sparkle and shine on this rectangular, shimmery, holographic sticker. 4 in x 4 in/10.25 cm x 10.25 cm. (Printed by Vograce)
  • Aether Music Magic Bookmark: this lovely glossy bookmark features artwork by Pippin Peacock on the front and the signatures of the contributors to Aether Beyond the Binary on the back. 2 in x 7 in/5 cm x 17.75 cm. (Printed by UPrinting)
  • Aether Dux Die-Cut Sticker: it wouldn’t be a Duck Prints Press anthology without a custom Dux designed by Alessa Riel. Dux is our non-binary company mascot, and for this campaign they’re decked out with crystals and machinery and ready for aether flight. 3 in x 3 in/7.5 cm x 7.5 cm. (Printed by Vograce)
  • Non-Binary Sky Whale Enamel Pin: this lovely pin depicts a celestial whale moving through a starscape, with the non-binary gender sign dangling by a chain from they’re mouth. The artwork for this pin is by Atomic Pixies. 2 in x 2 in/5 cm x 5 cm. (Manufactured by Alchemy)
  • BONUS MERCHANDISE! That adorable plant-loving robot? We’ll be making it into a key chain as our Patron-exclusive extra! All $10/month and $25/month patrons who also back the campaign will get this cutie to hang from their keys!

Our campaign, which launches on December 26th 2023 (four days from when this post goes up – soooooon!) will include backer levels with all this merch, and also pick-and-choose add-on options. We’re also offering a trade paperback AND a premium hardcover edition of this book – our first anthology published as a hardcover! There’s loads of other add-ons too – our past anthologies (as e-books or in print!), a short story bundle of works by Aether Beyond the Binary contributors, 5 (FIVE!!!) of the adorable dux plushies by EmpowerFantasy Plush, one-of-a-kind wands by Alessa Riel, and more.

We’re days away from launch – follow our pre-launch page and get notified when the campaign goes live!

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Merchandise Release Day!!

A graphic over a background of rainbow colors in watercolor splotches. At the top, there's the Duck Prints Press logo and rainbow duck prints, and beside that a header reads "Merchandise Mass Release Day! Now available at" Below this is an array if items with accompany labels: "art prints" with two examples, "Print books" with DPP anthologies "He Bears the Cape of Stars," "She Wears the Midnight Crown," and "And Seek (Not) to Alter Me," "Shirts" with three examples, two of which are t-shirts and one of which is a hoodie, "Stickers and Magnets" with a citrus slice with rainbow segments and a Dux with a mustache, devil horns, devil tail, and trident, and "Enamel Pins" with an owl, raccoon, crow, fox, moose, and wolf pin, and also a woman in a crown and a man in a cape. At the bottom of the graphic, text reads "...and MORE!"

Have you wanted Duck Prints Press logo merchandise? Have you missed one of our past campaigns and want to get some of the items? Have you been eying Patreon extras we’ve made and wanted to get your own? Have you wished you could get one of our past anthologies IN PRINT? Well, then – YOUR TIME HAS COME!

Today, Duck Prints Press is celebrating Merchandise Mass Release Day! We’ve gathered up leftovers from past campaigns, seconds and lightly damaged merch, and forged a relationship with Printify to provide print-on-demand shirts and other merchandise we can’t, for various reasons, keep in stock. The result is THIRTY-ONE new merchandise items available in the Duck Prints Press store!

Offerings include:

Print Books (Lightly Damaged Seconds):

Art Prints:

Enamel Pins:

Stickers and Magnets:




Or, want some a grab bag of lightly damaged seconds? We’ve got that now – get your Seconds Grab Bag to get two random stickers, one random enamel pin, and one other item (such as a key chain, patch, or bookmark!)

And all of this is in ADDITION to the other great merchandise we already offer!

So come on over to our webstore and get your dux on! Literally! With clothes and merch from Duck Prints Press!

Want to get the same great stuff, just – cheaper? Every backer on Patreon gets a coupon that can be used on their purchases from! Come support Duck Prints Press monthly AND get great discounts on awesome merch. Winning!

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Pre-Orders Now Open for “Many Drops Make a Stream” by Adrian Harley!

Pre-orders for Adrian Harley’s debut sapphic fantasy novel Many Drops Make a Stream are now open!

A memory-stealing cult.
The ever-watchful City of Eyes.
Making small talk.

Join Droplet as she faces all these horrors and more…

Vigilante shapeshifter Droplet has trained her entire life to take down those with more power than scruples, but she still makes mistakes. When a rescue mission goes wrong, a memory-stealing cult of blood mages escapes with kidnapped captives in tow. To save them, Droplet reluctantly teams up with the outgoing, tenacious Azera. Droplet knows better than to trust a human—she made that mistake once, and that person’s betrayal scattered her community across the known world—and she can tell Azera is hiding secrets behind her sunny smile. But if they can’t learn to work together, even Droplet’s own memories could be lost.

Many Drops Make a Stream, Adrian Harley’s debut novel, is the stand-alone first book in a series of related fantasy-mystery-heists featuring the shapeshifter Droplet and the friends and found family who work alongside her to fight the corrupt powers-that-be. Many Drops Make a Stream is rated general (adult) audiences and features shapeshifting shenanigans, a nascent f/f quarrelers-to-lovers pre-relationship, a wonderful extended cast of family and pseudo-family, necromancy and blood magic and spellwork (oh my!), and one (1) very angry goose.

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