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NOW AVAILABLE: THE E-BOOK OF ADD MAGIC TO TASTE and Extra Kickstarter Merchandise!

The cover of "Add Magic to Taste." It shows a bespectacled dragon standing behind a counter, lifting one clawed hand to add something into a sparkling beaker labeled "everything nice." Their tail holds open a book, the spine of which reads "Magical Morsels." They are surrounded by a plate of macaroons, a tiered stand with cupcakes and brownies, jars with candy, pictures of steaming coffee mugs, a bookshelf with a few books, and a cash register and tip jar. Above them is a banner with different queer flags, such as the lesbian flag, non-binary flag, trans flag, gay flag, bisexual flag, and others. A wooden banner reads "Add Magic to Taste," and at the bottom is a subtitle that reads "A Spellbinding (and Scrumptious!) Collection of Heartwarming Queer Stories."

Did you miss your chance to back our first Kickstarter? Did you back it, but have a friend who wants a copy? Have you just been itching to get some of the merch you didn’t get as a backer? Have you only just heard of us thanks to our recent call for applicants, and want to learn more about our first Anthology?

Now you can do all these things!

Duck Prints Press’s first anthology, Add Magic to Taste, is now available for sale on our website!

For Add Magic to Taste, 20 authors have come together to produce new, original short stories uniting four of our absolute favorite themes: queer relationships, fluff, magic, and coffee shops! Our diverse writers have created an even more diverse collection of stories guaranteed to sweeten your coffee and warm your tart.

Select extra/leftover merchandise from the Kickstarter is also available, including:

So check it out, and get some of the book that’s averaging over 4 stars on Goodreads and Storygraph, and the merch that our Kickstarter backers described as “absolutely beautiful,” “gorgeous,” “incredible,” and “absolute BEST IN CLASS.”


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“Add Magic to Taste” Kickstarter Update

Things have been a little quiet around our social media as, over the past few weeks, we’ve kicked into high gear to finish fulfillment of the “Add Magic to Taste” Kickstarter. We’re pleased to report that we’re nearly done – all backers who’ve done their backer surveys have had their merchandise shipped, and most have received their things. There have of course been some issues – when aren’t there? – with damaged packaging and address errors, but the rate for such as been very low, and so far we’ve been able to replace everything that people have contacted us about.

With the campaign mostly done, we’re hoping to launch the e-book on our website within the next week or two, so that it’ll be available for sale to people who missed the campaign, and we’ll also have an extras sale featuring much of our merchandise. Make sure to keep an eye on our social media platforms if you’re interested in the extras sale – we’ll have extras of the following items to sell!

The book (seconds/lightly damaged ones only):

A photograph of an open box stacked with copies of the book "Add Magic to Taste," which depicts a dragon working behind a store counter on it.

Keychains (all are seconds with various degrees of damage/problems, but we have a LOT of them):

Photograph of a keychain. The art is stylized, of a chibi cute fairy with transparent wings, brown hair, mid-tone light skin, and a purple dress. They are standing in the center of a frosted donut.

Enamel Pins (mostly undamaged, with maybe a handful of seconds at a lower price point):

Photograph of two enamel pins in clear plastic baggies. One shows a steaming mug and a croissant on a pile of books with a blue glittery circle behind it. The other shows an open book, pages spread, with a donut and bubble tea floating over it amid purple swirls.

Bookmarks (all undamaged):

Photograph of two bookmarks, showing the front and the back. The front has a dragon and other animals, the bag shows signatures. The bookmark has a golden tassel.

Stickers (small numbers of each, undamaged):

A photograph of a box stacked with stickers of a duck dressed as a mage.

Magnets (both undamaged items and seconds):

A photograph of a box stacked with packaged magnets of a duck dressed as a mage.

Mugs (mostly undamaged, though there’s at least one second):

A photograph of a mug, three next to each other to show all three sides. It's ceramic, white with a blue handle, and artwork of a duck dressed as a barista and another dressed as a wizard. They are linked by a path of rainbow duck prints, and above the duck prints is the words, in rainbow, "Add Magic to Taste,"

We may have a few sets of the art prints to sell, but we’re not sure yet.

A photograph of four art prints, showing the front and back covers of the book "Add Magic to Taste" and two versions of the insert art. Front cover already described, back cover is of a dragon dipping a teabag in tea, and the insert is of a dusky scene showing two merpeople at a watery bakery.

We do not have any extra of the mini-books or the postcards.

As soon as we’ve set prices and the date the sale will begin, we’ll make another announcement. We expect it’ll be at least two more weeks; we want as many of our international purchasers to have received their backer rewards as possible, both because we feel that campaign backers should have their rewards before new people get a chance, and also because we need to be sure we have enough extras on hand to replace any damaged or missing orders placed by our backers. Sales will be handled through our website store portal. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions or thoughts on this!