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Looking for something to read this weekend?

Duck Prints Press so far only has one title listed (though we’re working on getting more) – A Glimmer of Hope by Nina Waters (which is the pen name for @unforth ). Though it’s listed as the first book in a series, A Glimmer of Hope can absolutely be read as a stand-alone story with a “Happily for Now” ending. We promise – we wouldn’t leave you hanging!

A Glimmer of Hope by Nina Waters

Summary: Gregory Adalwin’s life ended the day in 1746 when his liege lord, Duke Haribert Schultheis-Königsmann, was murdered. With everything he’d spent a thousand years building in ruins, Gregory set out to wreak vengeance on those who had killed the Duke. He didn’t expect to survive. Yet, a century after completing his revenge, Gregory is somehow still breathing. He wastes his days in an alcoholic stupor, clothed and fed and housed at the sufferance of Teyrngar Gwehydd, once sworn to his service, now owed more than he can ever hope to repay. The only things that get him out of bed are the vodka that Mstislav Alkayev sneaks to him and the prospect of spending time with the beautiful pixie Yermolai Praskovya. No one remembers who Gregory is, no one knows him, and no one cares about him. After how Gregory failed his Duke, he deserves nothing more.

Or so he thinks, until someone tries to kill him, and Gregory is confronted by a stupefying question: who on earth could possibly give enough of a damn about him to want him dead?

Main Ship: m/m

Rating: Mature (for violence and mild sexual content)

Genre: Modern with magic, splashes of historical, a hint of mystery, lots of angst with a happy ending

Major Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence, (mostly) off-screen rape/non-con, torture, period-typical homophobia, alcohol use and alcoholism

Other content tags can be read on the shop listing!

And the best part?

You can now download the first chapter and read it for free! (note that link is directly to a pdf download!)

Check it out today!

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