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Add Magic to Taste Author Spotlight: Lacey Hays

When Lacey isn’t dreaming of the stars or magical worlds, she can be found stomping around in the wild areas of Northern Oregon with her wife and son, or sipping on a coffee with her trusty notebook and fountain pens. Her writing journey began in the Star Trek: Voyager fandom and has continued for over two decades. At the moment, she’s plugging away at her first novel—a world that’s taken twenty years to come to life. Lacey is eager to continue sharing diverse stories set in dark, but hopeful, worlds.

Story Title: The Magic Kin Know

tags: creature character, fae and fairy folk, fostering, lesbian character, witch character, parenthood, reunion, semi-accidental baby acquisition, star-crossed lovers, wlw


Hers was the voice that had haunted Isla for three days. In silent, sleepy moments, the memory of her had hummed like the wind through the trees. In the dark of the night, she’d danced through the exposed eaves of Isla’s bedroom like a sprite causing mischief. She’d reverberated between the folds of Isla’s brain, twisting and shifting, so familiar, but her identity had remained out of reach.

Oh, how had Isla not realized?

This voice was beloved—the voice of warm summers and chilly falls and first love whispered under the pale moonlight while laying on pillows of meadow grasses, the voice of blood oaths whispered at midnight while passion and power coursed through hot veins. The magic had been too strong for twenty-two-year-old girls drunk on romance novels.

This was the voice of broken hearts and partings, of longings and regrets.

This was the voice Isla had imagined as she’d read a hundred letters over the last decade.

And here it was—here she was. The veil between the worlds must have been thin indeed.

What were the Fair Folk getting at?

That is the question? What are the Fair Folk getting at? You’ll have to read on to find out…so back the Add Magic to Taste Kickstarter and get a copy of this full story, and 19 others, all for yourself!

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