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Add Magic to Taste Author Spotlight: Kristi Mae

Kristi Mae is a STEM doctoral student in Canada who holds degrees in  music, psychology, and (unofficially) napping. She is asexual and aromantic and enjoys creating queer fiction that subverts expectations for what relationships should look like. In her free time, she loves to do bookbinding projects and write stories for her friends in fandom.

Story Title: The Ballad of Yggdrasil

tags: anti-soulmates, aromantic character, internalized aphobia, norse mythology, norway, soulmates


In non-magical society, the ring is a symbol of commitment, joy, and love, which is a sharp contrast to its role as a shackle in magical society, Alina writes. All mages should strive for such a transition. Someday, we shall not be bound.

Alina takes a satisfied sip of her coffee. A stunning paper, truly. Remarkable as they come.

The coffee burns her tongue.

She leans over to write more, but a whispered giggle nearby makes her turn.

“Skatten min,” the girl says in a light, warning tone. My treasure.

The tealight in front of them is lit, its flame too large for its small body; it flickers and dances under the hand of the person who sits across from the girl. His eyes aren’t on the flame, but on the girl, brighter than a thousand candles and more adoring.

Despite his distracted gaze, the flame grows under his hand, sputtering in web-like tendrils above the edge of the tea light, reaching with greedy fingers towards the open window.

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