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Add Magic to Taste Author Spotlight: Lex T. Lindsay

Lex T. Lindsay likes cats, tats, and cool hats. When she isn’t shaking words loose or yelling about Captain America, she can often be found lurking in the woods. Read more sapphic romance in UPON A TWICE TIME (Air and Nothingness Press) and CLOCKWORK, CURSES AND COAL (World Weaver  Press). Occasional Tweets @LexTLindsay.

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Story Title: Rain and Moonlight

tags: bipoc character, bisexual character, chance meeting, fat character, magic user, missed connections, mutual pining, reunion, witch, wlw


“Well, well, well. Daisy Guthrie.”

On the back of the broom, a witch pushed back the cloak of her hood to reveal a tangle of hair colored every hue of the rainbow.

Helix Andromeda patted the handle of her broom in invitation. Daisy swallowed hard.

Helix looked… Well, she looked even better than she had when they went to college together, back when Daisy had harbored a massive crush on the girl who sat two seats down from her in Magical Ethics. The hair was different, but not unexpected. Helix had always liked to play with magical body modification. Daisy had seen her hair sea green and caution yellow and—one summer session during Pride month—pink, purple, and blue all together. The Helix grinning at her from the back of a broom, both of her dark brown cheeks dimpled, had charmed her eyes today as well. In the natural near-black of her irises swam a cosmos of stars and comets that glittered and winked.

“You getting on?” Helix asked.

How will Helix react to this reunion? What other secrets lie in Daisy and Helix’s past?

Get the whole story and find out!

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