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Add Magic to Taste Author Spotlight: T.S. Knight

T.S. Knight is a US-based writer and an avid reader. Add Magic to Taste will be her first published short story. When not writing or beta reading, she spends time diving into history, wandering through museums, and cooking food for the people she loves. A kayaker, knitter, and cat  mom, she loves to create and read queer stories most of all.

Story Title: A Leap Worth Taking

tags: age difference, bisexual character, found family, getting together, past character death, reincarnation, wlw, united states


“It could be possible,” Aline said finally. “We don’t know what happens after death.”

Shiloh pressed into the space left open by her words. “If someone you loved had passed away, could you believe that someone new could be a reincarnation of that person?”

Aline did not break eye contact. “I don’t know.” She knew. She had to know, had to feel this taut rope between them as fiercely as Shiloh felt it.

“You’ve lost someone. Do you ever wish he would come back?”

Aline’s intake of breath was too sharp, too sudden, too angry. Shiloh regretted hurting her instantly.

“Yes,” Aline said, and Shiloh could breathe again. “I wish it even still, some days more than others.”

Shiloh leaned across the table and touched one of Aline’s knuckles, still white on the back of the chair, with the tip of her finger. Aline blinked, then looked down at their hands before Shiloh withdrew, afraid.

She asked, in a voice almost too quiet to hear, “If he were standing right in front of you, would you be happy to see him?”

“I would be happy.”

“Even if he looked different?”

“Even then.”

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