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Add Magic to Taste Author Spotlight: A.L. Heard

Ashley, pen name A.L. Heard, fandom name jhoom, is a 34 year old teacher, writer, and mother of two little boys. She’s been writing fanworks since she discovered back in her middle school days; the platform has changed and the writing’s improved, but Ashley ultimately still spends her free time writing about characters she adores in worlds she’d like to explore. Her first novel, Hockey Bois, was published in 2021. In between writing projects, she works as a language teacher in the Pittsburgh area, plays hockey, and plays trains with her sons.

Links: Archive of Our Own | Discord: jhoom#6351 | Tumblr | Twitter

Story Title: The Tasty Crumpet

tags: age difference, bipoc character, creature character, fae and fairyfolk, mlm, oblivious character, vampire


Near the end of the street was a shop with an old-fashioned wooden sign straight out of a Renaissance Festival. It read “The Tasty Crumpet” in an elegant navy script that glittered with gold flecks, a baker’s cap and wooden spoon bracketing the words. The light cast through the windows was soft and inviting—a sharp contrast to the dreary weather—promising warmth and tasty treats.

All of that was tempting enough, but the HELP WANTED sign taped to the front window sealed the deal. The sign was old and battered, like it’d seen its fair share of use, but the words AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY INQUIRE WITHIN at the bottom caught his eye. How could he say no to that?

The door chimed as he stepped inside, a bell that tinkled more than rang, and the sound made him smile despite the water dripping off his nose. He shook out his hair and stepped toward the counter.

Will this poor sopping wet fellow find a job? Only one way to find out! This, and 19 other fantastic fluffy queer stories, can be yours by backing the Add Magic to Taste Kickstarter!

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