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Add Magic to Taste Author Spotlight: Maggie Page

Maggie Page lives in Texas with family, including her incorrigibly clumsy mom with a green thumb, two silly dogs who are also mother and daughter, and a fierce feline hunter. Maggie has previously published several poems and a piece of flash fiction with collegiate and independent journals.

When not indulging the urge to write, Maggie enjoys music, traveling, camping, dabbling in various art forms, principally watercolor and graphic making, and torturing her loved ones with her ruthless board game victories.

Story Title: Herald of Love

tags: bilingual character, bipoc character, bisexual character, curses, dragon, flirting, found family, genderqueer character, getting together, magic user, pining, polyamory, polyamorous relationship negotiation, pov third person limited, tarot, texas, united states of america


Chest tight, she paused at the head of the stairs and watched, guiltily, a moment of intimacy between Eloddie and Javi.

Eloddie yawned and stretched. As she went to her tiptoes, her hem rode up.

“You’re beautiful.” Javi circled their arms around Eloddie and dropped a brief kiss on her lips. Their gaze drifted over Eloddie’s shoulder, and a slow, sly smile bloomed on their face. “I want to take you and Trina dancing. She’d be shy, but once she starts to enjoy herself… I’d stop just to watch you two move together.”

Javi winked.

Heat flooded Trina’s cheeks. Her thoughts raced; her tongue lay heavy and useless in her mouth. She could imagine the low music, Eloddie’s gentle touch, Javi’s appreciative gaze, the feeling of connection.

“Javi,” Eloddie admonished softly. “We shouldn’t push her.”

Trina couldn’t be sure she’d been meant to hear. The two of them had dropped flirtatious hints before, but fear and doubt had kept her from finding out if they were serious.

The first aid kit dropped from her numb fingers, clattering on the floor.

Was Trina supposed to hear? And will she take Javi and Eloddie up on their suggestions?

Get the story, and 19 others, and find out!

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