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Add Magic to Taste Author Spotlight: Theresa Alef

A pediatric occupational therapist in the Southwest USA, writing has been Theresa’s first love since she was old enough to string words together. She has a deep love for all fandoms, but Marvel will always hold the top spot in her heart. When not at work or writing, she likes to go hiking in the desert, play Dungeons and Dragons, and read books.

Story Title: Anywhere, Everywhere, Forever

tags: character has self-esteem issues, emotional hurt/comfort (minor), everything that can go wrong…, fae and fairy folk, flirting, fostering, half-orc, homosexual character, interspecies romance, marriage proposal, miscommunication, mlm, past abusive relationship, present tense, pov third person limited, speciesism, vampire


Keegan is five minutes away from the coffee shop when realization hits him like a freight train.

“No,” he says to the empty car, reaching one hand over to the passenger seat for his jacket. “Wait—no. Hang on.” He pats through the pockets, picks it up and shakes it, then tosses it down. The stop light is still red, so he shoves his foot harder on the brake and leans over more, straining to look under the seat. He finds quite a few things—pens, old candy bar wrappers, a bill he forgot about from last month, even a key he thought he’d lost, although now he can’t remember what it goes to.

But no ring box. No ring.

Uh oh, is this the start of proposal disaster? Back the Kickstarter, get the book, read the 20 stories, and…

Find out!

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