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Add Magic to Taste Author Spotlight: Em Rowntree

Em Rowntree’s first foray into the world of writing was with a story called The Magic Land that featured a unicorn and a flying carpet the size of a country, and they’ve been chasing that high ever since. They’ve been sharing their writing online for almost seven years, and have had poems and short stories published in anthologies. They live in the UK.

Link: Twitter

Story Title: Tomb Many Cooks

tags: first kiss, greek mythology, god character, humor, mlen, mutual pining, mythology retelling, non-binary character


On the eighth day working with Seph, Hades cooked with someone else in the kitchen for the first time.

“More chocolate chips,” Seph said.

“I’ve put all of them—”

“I know you’ve got another bag. I saw it last week in the cupboard in the corner.”

“I don’t know how extra chocolate chips are going to stop people from realising their inextricable bond to mortality…”

“Are you kidding? I forgot my own name the other day when I ate that doughnut where you put orange zest in the filling.” Seph, sitting on a counter in the kitchen, pointed a finger gun at Hades and twisted their accent into something out of a Western. “Add the chips, kid.”

Hades used one hand to lower their weapon, and went to fetch the chocolate chips.

Seph seems to have some interesting ideas for Hades’s bakery. Will they bake up something more delicious (and less nihilistic) together? Get the full story – and 19 other wonderful queer tales – by backing our Kickstarter.

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