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What is Duck Prints Press?

Duck Prints Press is a small press independent publisher that works with fanfiction authors to put their original stories into print.

Are you only open to fanfiction authors? What if I don’t write fanfiction?

Our vision—our goal—our niche in the huge world of publishing is that we work with fanfiction authors to publish their original works. As such, we only work with fanfiction authors. If you don’t write fanfiction, we’re not the Press for you; here is a list of other small presses focused works by queer authors about queer characters: https://blog.reedsy.com/lgbt-publishers/

Where are you based?

We are based in Schenectady, New York, USA. We have contributors from around the world.

Do you take unsolicited manuscripts?

No, and if you send them, we’ll be peeved. Repeat offenders may be permanently banned from working with us.

Are you a vanity press?

No. A vanity press takes payment from an author and, in exchange, publishes their work. That is not how we operate. Authors cannot get an “in” by paying us, nor by supporting our projects, purchasing works we sell, buying us ko-fis, or backing our Patreon. When we open submissions for publications, the work of applicants are reviewed “blind,” and no preference in selection is given to people who offer us payment or back us (in fact, trying to bribe us would result in us banning the offender). When authors are selected for our anthologies, they are paid for their work by the word, and authors who publish their individual works with us are paid royalties. Likewise, artists are paid by the piece, consultants by the hour, graphic designers (usually) by the project, etc. We are not a “pay to play” Press, hence: we are not a vanity press.

I’m an author—how do I work with you?

Duck Prints Press is starting small by taking applications from fanauthors to contribute to anthologies, and we will initially only be working with authors who are involved in our anthologies and those who apply, aren’t selected, but who we choose to invite in. Once stories for an anthology are completed, if we’ve had a positive experience with an author, we will approach them about their interest in participating in future Duck Prints Press projects, and if they wish to, we’ll form an agreement and proceed from there. At the moment, the only way to become a Duck Prints Press author is to apply to be a contributor in one of our anthologies.

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I’m not 18 yet but I’d like to get involved. What are my options?

While we’re not able to work with individuals under 18 for multiple reasons, we absolutely do want to encourage young writers. When you do turn 18, you’re immediately eligible and we’d love to hear from you. As such, we recommend that you follow one (or more) of our social media accounts and/or sign up for our mailing list (you can find all our social media and our mailing list sign up on our Contacts Page). Also, we’d love to hear from you on some of our smaller events—for example, we host #drabbledaysaturday weekly on our Twitter, and there’s no age restriction on that, and we often put out calls for writing questions and such on our Tumblr. And keep writing! You’ll only improve in the meantime. We know how hard it is to wait, but don’t worry – when the time comes, we’ll still be here, and you’ll be ready.

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Once we’re in one Duck Prints Press anthology, what will be the process to be included in another in the future?

This is a really good question, and one we don’t have a solid answer to yet. Right now, we’re focused on producing our anthologies and making them as good as we can. For authors who have published in our anthologies and chosen to continue working with us, we reserve “returner” slots for authors who’ve previously written with us.

In the next six months, we also anticipate initiating discussion with our cadre of authors—there are nearly 100 writers involved with the Press at this point—about publishing their original work. Until we see how much interest there is, we can’t say for sure what the process will be for choosing which manuscripts we prioritize, but ultimately we hope to be able to accommodate anyone and everyone who is established with the Press and wants to publish more (we only can’t quite yet because we’re still building our editorial staff). What will we publish? Anything from a drabble-a-day to the epic multi-novel series of your dreams—or non-fiction (within limited parameters, at least at the moment), or poetry, or children’s books, or, or, or. We’re a multi-genre publisher. Once authors join us, our base premise is we want to publish what you want to write. Once you’re in Duck Prints Press, you’ll definitely have opportunities to publish with us.

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Can I hire someone from Duck Prints Press to help me with editing, art, manuscript formatting, beta-reading, or other writing-related services?

At the moment, no, but we are hoping to be able to offer at least some of these services at hourly and/or by-the-project rates in the future. This is separate from publishing with us: hourly/per-project rates are for individuals who don’t wish to publish their novel under our imprint—whether their goal is to self-publish or to work with another press or agent. Those who publish under our imprint don’t pay for editing, formatting, or other parts of the publishing process. Duck Prints Press is paid for our part of bringing the novel to market when we take our share of the sales price.

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How are authors paid?

Anthology contributors are paid by the word. Authors who publish stand-alone short stories, novellas, and novels with us are paid royalties on sales of the story. We’re not able to pay royalties to anthology contributors, because of the accounting acrobatics required, and we’re not able at this time to pay an up-front amount for a novel or other work, because we don’t yet have the capital. We are not able to publish novels at the moment, but when we start doing so, we hope to be able to pay authors between 80% and 90% of the cover price. Exactly how much we’ll be able to pay can’t be projected because it depends on budgetary factors we can’t be predicted until we see how we grow over the next six months to year. (For comparison, most self-publishing platforms pay 70% to 75%).

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Where will books produced by Duck Prints Press be available?

Print books are currently only available to backers of our crowdsourcing campaigns. E-books are for sale in our web store.

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I’m a different type of creator, such as an artist, and I’m interested in getting involved. How can I work with you?

Right now, you can’t. Ultimately, we hope to be able to recruit other types of creators and to publish art books, audio books, and a range of types of media. However, at the moment, this is beyond our capacity. We’ll be outreaching to individuals we know and who have the skills required. We appreciate your interest, and we hope in the future we’ll be able to work with you! Feel free to follow one of our social media accounts so that when we are ready, you’ll be among the first to know!

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I’m interested in applying to one of your anthologies—does it matter what type of fanworks I’ve created or what fandoms I’ve created for?

No. When we put out calls for submissions, we welcome all fanwork creators regardless of what fandom, ship, or type of fanfiction they’ve written. Poetry, twitfics, song fics, self-inserts, and other types of fanwork also all qualify. As long as the minimum requirements outlined in the submission call are met, and the works fit under the broad umbrella of being fanfiction, you can apply. 

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How often does Duck Prints Press publish anthologies?

We’re still too young of a company to have a “regular” schedule, but we can say that in 2022 we anticipate putting out four anthologies: And Seek (Not) to Alter Me, the paired anthologies She Wears the Midnight Crown and He Bears the Cape of Stars, and an untitled project that we are still in the planning stages of.

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What types of original works does Duck Prints Press publish?

Currently, we are only doing narrow, targeted, fiction anthologies, and works by our founding staff. However, as we grow and as writers join Duck Prints Press as collaborative members, we will be publishing any works these individuals wish to publish any genre of fiction, including romance, literary fiction, historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy, other genre works, erotica, and poetry. Works can be of any length, drabble through epic, and will be priced accordingly. We will also consider publishing non-fiction, if that’s a direction that our authors wish to go, though doing so right now is outside of our capacity.

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What eBook formats do you offer?

We offer all works in PDF, ePub and Mobi. If there proves to be a demand for other formats, we would consider expanding our offerings.

Do you offer print-on-demand services? Do you sell print books through your website?

At this time, no. Print copies of our anthologies and other projects are only be available to backers of our crowdfunding campaigns. We may have a few extra copies that we retain for giveaways and/or rewards, but otherwise, if you want a print copy you’ll need to purchase one through our campaigns when they run.

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What forms of payment can you take?

Through our website, we are able to accept Paypal, Venmo, and the following credit cards: American Express, Discover Card, Diners Card, Mastercard, Visa, Click to Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay. (We accept payments through Paypal, WooCommerce, and Stripe).

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How do you price stories and books?

In the interest of transparency and fairness, we’ve standardized how we price books, as follows (all prices are in US dollars):

  • Drabbles, micro-fiction and flash-fiction (up to 1,000 words): 25 cents
  • (Very) short stories (1,001 to 3,000 words): 50 cents
  • Short stories (3,001 to 7,500 words): 99 cents
  • Novelettes (7,501 to 20,000 words): $1.99
  • Novellas (20,001 to 50,000 words): $3.99
  • Novels (50,001 to 100,000 words): $4.99
  • (Long) Novels (100,001 to 150,000 words): $5.99
  • Epics (150,001 words to 200,000 words): $6.99
  • (Even longer) epics: add $1 per 50,000 words.

In addition to these base prices, for novellas, novels, and epics, the price is $1 higher for the first three months of it’s release—a premium for earlier access, before the story reverts to our standard pricing scale. So, a new release novella would be $4.99, a new release novel $5.99, etc. This only applies if the book in question wasn’t previously crowdfunded.

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Do you ship physical books and merchandise internationally? How much does it cost?

We absolutely ship anywhere in the world! Our current international shipping rates are based solely on the merchandise listed on our website, as we’re not currently selling any physical books through the site, and shipping is handled separately for our crowdfunding campaigns. If you order only small, flat items (such as stickers, magnets, and/or bookmarks), the price is around $2 US to anywhere in the world. For the enamel pins, the rate is $13 US flat to Canada, $15 US flat to the EU, and $16 US flat to the rest of the world; you can add stickers, magnets, etc., to this order without increasing the price. Lastly, the mugs are $15 US flat to Canada, $16 US flat to the EU, and $30 US flat to Australia and New Zealand, and $25 flat to the rest of the world, and again, you can add pins and flat merchandise to your mug order without increasing the price.

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This all sounds like an amazing idea and I want to help support you, but I’ve already bought your available books and/or they don’t interest me—is there another way I can fiscally support you?

Yes! You can buy us a ko-fi, back us on Patreon, buy the merchandise we offer through our website, or buy other merchandise on RedBubble! Visit us on those sites to learn more about what rewards we can offer to people who support us.

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Are you affiliated with Carnation Books? How about with Big Bang Press?

No, we’re not, though they have a similar mission to us. If supporting small presses that work with fanfiction authors on publishing original fiction sounds like something you’d like to support, you could check Carnation Books out, too! And Big Bang Press is…something…but no, we have no relationship with the people who were involved in that project.

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Have a question that isn’t answered here? Feel free to drop us an ask on Tumblr, DM us on Twitter, or e-mail us.