And Seek (Not) to Alter Me FAQ

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What is Duck Prints Press?

Duck Prints Press LLC is a small, independent press based in New York State, USA. Claire Houck (aka Nina Waters, aka unforth) is the owner/managing member. Our founding vision is to work collaboratively with fanfiction authors who wish to publish their original work. You can read more about Duck Prints Press here!

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What is this anthology?

This project is the first work in our new series of “Queer Fanworks inspired by…” anthologies. For this series, we select literature, poetry, plays, and other works in the Public Domain and create a collection of queer stories and artworks inspired by the original material! The first work we’re transforming is William Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing,” and we’ve entitled the book And Seek (Not) to Alter Me, which is a riff on a line from the play.

To create an exceptional project, we’ve recruited 16 authors and 17 artists to create stories (up to 5,000 words) and artworks (full page) reflecting their queerified take on Much Ado! We’ll be publishing these pieces in a full-color A4 softcover zine.

The creators in this collection are encouraged to be creative—some contributions incorporate the characters from Much Ado in a new work, while others created original characters and new works that explore the themes and tropes featured in Much Ado. We’re excited about the range of types of transformative works that our creators have created!

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Who is writing for this anthology? How were writers recruited?

You can see the contributor list here! Authors are those who applied to be part of our first anthology, didn’t quite make the cut, but with whom we still wanted to work.

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Who is doing artwork for this anthology? How were artists recruited?

You can see the contributor list here! We ran an open call for applicants in May of 2021, reviewed the applications we received and selected the most qualified; we also did individual outreach to invite artists we thought might be interested, and ask if they’d like to join us.

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Will contributors be paid?

Yes! Authors will be paid 1 cent US per word (up to $50 US), and artists will be paid $50 per single page of artwork. Creators have, in fact, already been paid the minimumy. And, while our Kickstarter did not earn enough funding to enable us to give authors and artists as large a raise as we’d hoped, we do expect to be able to raise this minimum rate.

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Will story and art work rights revert to the creators post-publication?


Our contract outlines the following rights for authors: Duck Prints Press licenses exclusive rights to the story in both print and eBook format for one year. Other rights such as right of translation and right to record as an audio book will remain with the author. If at some point in the future we wish to expand in those directions, we will contact authors, recruit those who are interested, and develop new contracts. You can see a sample of the author-publisher contract here.

Our contract outlines the following rights for artists: Duck Prints Press licenses rights solely related to the production, development, and sale of the Anthology. The rights requested are: the right to display, modify, advertise, and transmit the artwork; the right to produce art prints and other reproductions of the artwork; and the right to create derivative works such as merchandise and accessories featuring the artwork. Our licensing of these rights expires after one year. All other rights remain with the artist. If at some point in the future we are considering using the artworks in another project or context, we will contact artists, recruit those who are interested, and develop new contracts. You can see a sample of the artist-publisher contract here.

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Who are the people behind this project?

Hi, we’re unforth (Claire Houck/Nina Waters), jhoomwrites (A.L. Heard), Pallas Perilous, Foop, Adaille, Owlish, and Alessa Riel. Please see our biographies page for more information about us.

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How will the anthology be sold?

Copies of the A4-sized zine (we’ve been calling it a zine, since this anthology series is inspired by classic fandom zines) and related merchandise were available during a crowd-funded Kickstarter campaign only. The Kickstarter launched on March 15th, 2022 and successfully concluded on April 14th, 2022. An “extras” sale may be held once all copies have shipped, if we have any extras available; alternatively, extras may be retained as prizes/extras for future campaigns. This anthology will also be available in ePub, Mobi, and PDF formats on the Duck Prints Press website for as long as the publisher is in operation.

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Where will net profits from anthology sales go?

If there are net profits from this anthology, they will be re-invested in Duck Prints Press to help us grow the business and fund future projects.

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What format(s) will the anthology be available in?

The anthology will be available as a A4 Size (8.3″ x 11.7″/21 cm x 30 cm) paperback zine (Kickstarter exclusive!), an ePub, a MOBI, and a PDF.

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Have a question not answered here? Send us an ask on Tumblr, DM us on twitter, or send us an e-mail!