Budget Transparency

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Here is our proposed budget for And Seek (Not) to Alter Me, with a print + e-book sales run of 250 books and a minimum Kickstarter funding goal of $12,000.

As of April 14th, 2022, our campaign has successfully funded; we raised $14,915 US. Our final budget has some minor differences from the below, as we re-calculated based on actual sales instead of “best guess” projections, but we’re leaving this version up for reference and so as to not break links to it from our Kickstarter campaign and elsewhere.

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Book Printing Budget

ItemNumber NeededTotal PriceSource/Notes
Front Cover Artn/a$250Gio Guimarães (Facebook (giovannabcg) | Facebook (giosdoodlesandartworks) | Instagram | Tumblr | Twitter)
Manuscript Formattingn/a$200Hermit
Payments to Authorsn/a$8001 cent per word US, for 16 authors, writing stories up to 5,000 words.
Payments to Artistsn/a$1,030$50 per page, per artist; 16 artists are contributing, and 4 are doing two pieces; includes Paypal fees for paying artists outside the U.S.A. (17th artist is the cover artist)
Book Printing (A4 size – 8/3″ x 11.7″, full color)125$2,793Mixam; this price includes shipping to us
ISBNs4n/aThese were paid for as part of a prior project
Protective Packaging$198Papermart
Total to Produce 100 Books$5,271
Price per Book (all)$21.00For estimated sales of 125 Print Books + and 125 E-Books
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This is the merchandise we are producing for the Kickstarter. Everything is customized with graphics made in-house or by the listed artists. Additional merchandise will be offered as stretch goals; you can read more about those in the FAQ. These vendors are either ones we’ve worked with before, ones that have been recommended to us, or ones that we’ve selected based on online reviews, price, samples, and other factors. Prices include shipping to me, sales tax where applicable, and packaging necessary to safely distribute the merchandise to Kickstarter backers without damaging it.

Type of MerchandiseNumber MadeTotal PriceSource
Bookmark (2″ x 9″, with a tassel)200$181Art by Alicia Matheson; printing by UPrinting
Tea Cup and Saucer (8 oz. deep, 3″ tall, 6″ saucer)36$442Art by Cris Alborja; china stamping by Maryland China
Teapot6$62Maryland China
Journal (6″ x 8 1/2″)50$765Art by Alessa Riel; printing by 4Imprint
Bookplates (3″ x 4″, self-adhesive, set of 20)1,000 (50 sets of 20)$479Art by Huaepiphany; printing by Bookplate Ink
Note Cards (3.5″ x 5″, blank interior, with envelopes, set of 10)500 (50 sets of 10)$410Art by Miss Aceriee; printing by UPrinting
Art Print (8″ x 10″)100$102Art by Gio Guimarães (front cover); printing by PrintKeg
Die Cut Sticker (approximately 3″ x 3″)20$133Art by Alessa Riel; printing by StickerMule
Enamel Pin (1.5″ circle)100$345Art by Meredith Pancake; metal stamping and enamel fill by Alchemy
Dux Plush Add On2$50Made by EmpowerFantasy Plush
Tea24$84The Whistling Kettle
Total Cost to Produce Merchandise$3,053
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Packing to Mail Items to Kickstarter Backers

We’re offering six backer tiers—e-book only, trade paperback only, e-book plus “items that ship flat” (such as art prints, stickers, etc.), trade paperback plus “items that ship flat,” trade paperback plus all the merchandise., and a “tea for four” backer level with some fancy extras We buy all our packaging materials from Papermart.com. We also have some packing materials left from previous projects; those we’ll be using and this project won’t be “charged” for the expense of purchasing them; those savings are taken into account already in this budget.

ItemNumberTotal Price
Bubblewrap Envelope for Merchandise Only (9 1/2″ x 13″)100$28
Box for Book Only or Book + Flat Items (12 1/8″ x 9 1/8″ with a variable depth)200$195
Box for Book + Bulky Merchandise (12″ x 9″ x 6″)25$30
Bubble Wrap (in two sizes)3$107
Shipping to us$150
Total Packaging Costs$510
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Total Estimated Cost for the Proposed Kickstarter Campaign

Book Production$5,271
Merchandise Production$3,053
Shipping and Handling Materials$510
Estimated Shipping Costs to Backers$1,780
Estimated Kickstarter Fees$1,047
Total Estimated Costs$11,661

Based on this, our fundraising goal for this anthology is $12,000. And Seek (Not) to Alter Me has 38 contributors (artists, authors, editors, merch artists), and we can cover this budget by selling 250 copies—roughly 7 sales per contributor. We feel confident that we’ll be able to fund this, especially considering how well our first anthology did (our first Kickstarter, with a goal of $7,500, sold almost 800 copies and raised almost $26,000).