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Our Favorite Queer Books for Children

Many members of Duck Prints Press have young children, so we got to talking about what our favorite queer children’s stories are. These are all picture books – aimed at children under 8. This list doesn’t include any middle grade or young adult books.

Note that, regarding any individual book, we’re not saying, “this is flawless,” “this is perfect rep,” or “this is the right book for everyone/every situation/every family.” I’ve included a few notes about each book, to give a general idea of the representation it incorporates, but we always recommend that you read the full descriptions at the links provided (which are to whenever possible), assess the book, borrow it from the library – basically, give it a read, and assess for yourself, and always pick with your own situation and sensibilities in mind when buying books for the young children in your life!

The list is in alphabetical order by book title.

A is for Activist

Author and Illustrator: Innosanto Nagara

An alphabet book, with intersectionality, disability, race, queerness, and more.

The Adventures of Honey and Leon 

Author: Alan Cumming

Illustrator: Grant Shaffer

mlm, semi-autobiographical.

Book 1 | Book 2

And Tango Makes Three

Authors: Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell

Illustrator: Henry Cole

mlm, queer parents, adoption, based on a true story.

Be Who You Are 

Author: Jennifer Carr

Illustrator: Ben Rumback

Trans girl, supportive family. 

Charlotte, Wander On

Author: Matt Cubberly

Illustrator: Irina Kovalova

(you’ll have to read and find out!)

A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo 

Author: Jill Twiss

Illustrator: E. G. Keller

mlm, politics.

Everywhere Babies

Author: Susan Meyers

Illustrator: Marla Frazee

wlw, mlm. Queer parents. Stealth.

The Frog and Toad Collection

Author and Illustrator: Arnold Lobel

mlm. Stealth.

Heather Has Two Mommies

Author: Lesléa Newman

Illustrator: Laura Cornell

wlw, queer parents

I Am Jazz

Authors: Jessica Herthel and Jazz Jennings

Illustrator: Shelagh McNicholas

Trans girl, supportive parents. Auto-biographical.

Intersectional Allies

Authors: Chelsea Johnson, LaToya Council, Carolyn Choi

Illustrator: Ashley Seil Smith

Intersectionality, focused on disability, race, and religion.

Jaime is Jaime

Author: Afsaneh Moradian

Illustrator: Maria Bogade

Gender non-conformity

Julian is a Mermaid

Author and Illustrator: Jessica Love

Gender non-conformity.

Llama Glamarama

Author: Simon James Green

Illustrator: Garry Parsons

Gender non-conformity.

My Friends and Me

Author: Stephanie Stansbie

Illustrator: Katy Halford

mlm, wlw. Queer parents.


Author and Illustrator: Arlie Anderson

Gender non-conformity; can also be seen as an allegory for non-binary and/or intersex and/or other forms of gender queerness. Stealth.

One Dad, Two Dads, Brown Dad, Blue Dad

Author: Johnny Valentine

Illustrator: Melody Sarecky

mlm. Queer parents.


Author and Illustrator: Liz Wong

Gender non-conformity; can also be seen as an allegory for non-binary and/or trans and/or other forms of gender queerness. Stealth.


Author: Michael Genhart

Illustrator: Anne Passchier

“A First Book of Pride” – the cover says it best. 

Red: A Crayon Story

Author and Illustrator: Michael Hall

Trans children and/or children with trans parents.

She’s My Dad

Author: Sarah Savage

Illustrator: Joules Garcia

Transgender adult/parent.

The Story of Ferdinand 

Author: Munro Leaf

Illustrator: Robert Lawson

Gender non-conformity. Stealth.

Unicorn Day

Author: Diana Murray

Illustrator: Luke Flowers

Gender non-conformity and/or trans and/or genderqueer, depending how you look at it.

We’re All Wonders

Author and Illustrator: R. J. Palacio

Self-acceptance, with an emphasis on neurodivergence, disability, and queerness.

What Are Your Words? A Book About Pronouns

Author: Katherine Locke

Illustrator: Anne Passchier

About pronouns. Non-binary representation and neo-pronouns included.

What Colour is Love?

Author: Linda Strachan

Illustrator: David Wojtowycz


Worm Loves Worm 

Author: J. J. Austrian

Illustrator: Mike Curato

wlw/mlm. Gender non-conformity.

The Pea that Was Me Series

Author and Illustrator: Kimberly Kluger-Bell

Different kinds of pregnancies, including mlm and wlw parents.

An Egg and Sperm | Egg Donation | Embryo Donation | IVF | Sperm Donation | A Single Mom and Sperm Donor | Two Dads, Egg Donation and Surrogacy | Two Moms and Sperm Donor

Contributions by: unforth, Willa, nottesilhouette, foxymoley, FallingIntoBlue, Owlish, Annabeth, nickelkeep, fpwoper

So, what are your favorite queer picture books?

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Add Magic to Taste’s Kickstarter is Live!

Duck Prints Press LLC is thrilled to announce that the Kickstarter for our first anthology, Add Magic to Taste, is now live!

For Add Magic to Taste, 20 authors have come together to produce new, original short stories uniting four of our absolute favorite themes: queer relationships, fluff, magic, and coffee shops! Our diverse writers have created an even more diverse collection of stories guaranteed to sweeten your coffee and warm your tart.

Love wlw? So do we!

Love mlm? We’ve got you covered!

Love genderqueer characters? Raise those trans, enby, agender, and other flags high!

Love aces? Same, and we don’t (only) mean playing cards!

Love poly relationships? Hey, we’re sharing a brain!

We won’t say this anthology has it all – there are too many identities in the world for us to fit all of them into one anthology of 20 stories – but if you want some queer fluff and happy feelings, you’ve come to the right place. Add Magic to Taste features characters of different races, ethnicities, sexualities, romanticisms, gender identities, religions, and home nations, united by the common theme of finding someone (or more than one someone) to enjoy a muffin and a cuppa with – for today or for a lifetime, romantically or otherwise!

Each story is never-before-published, approximately 5,000 words long, and features each author’s unique take on our theme. Our beautiful digest-size trade paperback book features cover art by Liz Lee Illustrations (@lizleeillustration on Tumblr – with the potential for more art – see our stretch goals!) and formatting by Hermit Prints (@hermitwrites on Tumblr).

Interested? (OF COURSE YOU ARE!) Learn more!

The Kickstarter for Add Magic to Taste will run through Saturday, August 14th at 11 AM EDT – so follow us here, check it out, and if you want to support an awesome group of writers creating an amazing collection of fluffy queer stories – back our project!

Check it out NOW!

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Queer-Owned Bookstores

Today we found an excellent article that we thought relevant to the interests of our followers and readers.

An Official Director of 53 Queer Owned Bookstores in the U.S.

“LGBTQ-owned bookstores have been around for decades. Founded in 1973 in the City of Brotherly Love, Philly AIDS Thrift @ Giovanni’s Room—honoring James Baldwin’s queer classic—is perhaps the oldest surviving LGBTQ and feminist bookstore in America. Charis Books and More, in Decatur, Georgia, was launched a year later. A Room of One’s Own has been a fixture in downtown Madison, Wisconsin since 1975, and Chicago’s Women and Children First was started in 1979 by two women who fell in love as students at the University of Illinois.

“These stores are more than shops to browse for books; they are hubs for both entertainment and enlightenment, meeting grounds for hearts and minds. They are, above all, vital community spaces.”

-Michelle Hart, “53 LGBTQ-Owned Bookstores You Can Be Proud to Support, published June 22, 2021

This awesome list includes 53 bookstores in 23 states across the USA. I don’t know about Ya’ll but I can’t WAIT to check them out. The link has them sorted by state; here’s a list of all of them, alphabetical.

  1. 1977 Books (Birmingham, Alabama)
  2. All She Wrote (Somerville, Massachusetts)
  3. Another Read Through (Portland, Oregon)
  4. Antigone Books (Tuscon, Arizona)
  5. Astoria Bookshop (Queens, New York)
  6. Beausoliel Books (Lafayette, Louisiana)
  7. Big Blue Marble Books (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
  8. Black Garnet Books (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
  9. Bluestockings Bookstore (New York, New York)
  10. Bookish (Atlanta, Georgia)
  11. BookWoman (Austin, Texas)
  12. Burdock Book Collective (Montgomery, Alabama)
  13. Bureau of General Services – Queer Division (New York, New York)
  14. Charis Books and More (Decatur, Georgia)
  15. Dog Ear Books (Russellville, Arkansas)
  16. Dog Eared Books (San Francisco, California)
  17. East End Books (Provincetown, Massachusetts)
  18. Firestorm Books and Coffee (Asheville, North Carolina)
  19. Foggy Pines Books (Boone, North Carolina)
  20. Hello Again (Cocoa Village, Florida)
  21. Here’s the Story (Union, New Jersey)
  22. The Irreverent Bookworm (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
  23. Kismet Books (Verona, Wisconsin)
  24. King’s Books (Tacoma, Washington)
  25. Kona Bay Books (Kailua, Hawaii)
  26. Kramers (Washington DC)
  27. Lavender Library (Sacramento, California)
  28. Left Bank Books (St. Louis, Missouri)
  29. Left Bank Books (Seattle, Washington)
  30. Lit. on Fire Books (Peoria, Illinois)
  31. Loyalty Bookstores (Silver Spring, Maryland and Washington DC)
  32. Montana Book Company (Helena, Montana)
  33. Omnivore Books on Food (San Francisco, California)
  34. One Grand Books (Narrowsburg, New York)
  35. Philly AIDs Thrift at Giovanni’s Room (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
  36. Outwords Books (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
  37. Rakestraw Books (Danville, California)
  38. Red Emma’s Bookstore Coffeehouse (Baltimore, Maryland)
  39. The Ripped Bodice (Los Angeles, California)
  40. Rofhiwa Book Cafe (Durham, North Carolina)
  41. A Room of One’s Own (Madison, Wisconsin)
  42. Rust Belt Books (Buffalo, New York)
  43. The Salt Eaters (Inglewood, California)
  44. A Seat at the Table (Elk Grove, California)
  45. Tombolo Books (St. Petersburg, California)
  46. Tubby and Coo’s Mid-City Book Shop (New Orleans, Louisiana)
  47. Unabridged Books (Chicago, Illinois)
  48. Under the Umbrella (Salt Lake City, Utah)
  49. Village Books (Bellingham, Washington)
  50. Violet Valley (Water Valley, Mississippi)
  51. W. Whitman Books (Middleburgh, New York)
  52. Women and Children First (Chicago, Illinois)
  53. Womencrafts (Provincetown, Massachusetts)
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Today we made a formal announcement of our existence on social media! Here’s a copy for posterity sake, so people can see here as well.

Duck Prints Press Header Banner

Welcome to Duck Prints Press, an independent publisher founded to help fanfiction authors navigate the complex process of bringing their original works from first draft to print, culminating in publishing their work under our imprint!

Duck Prints Press is brand new – we incorporated in January, 2021 – so we have a lot of groundwork to do before we can realize our founding vision! This year, we will focus on publishing one or two short story anthologies and developing relationships with writers who may wish to work with us going forward. We are excited to bring to readers to original stories that come with all the comforts of a fanfic – but with all new characters and settings to love!

Who we are:

Hi, we’re @unforth​ (Claire Houck), @jhoomwrites​ (A.L. Heard), @adaille​, and @formidablepassion​! Between us, we have written well over 5 million words of fanfiction and original fiction, participated in multiple anthologies of original stories and fanfic zines, self-published two novels, opened two businesses, and worked in several different writing- and editing-related fields. We are thrilled to bring this expertise to bear to make Duck Prints Press a success.

Hey, I’m a fanfic author and reader, and I think this sounds awesome! How can I learn more?

Follow us on…

(note that we’re still getting all the pieces up and running, so bear with us!)

How can I help?

Our Patreon opens officially in THREE DAYS, and we’ll be launching a merch store on Redbubble as well! Until then, you can help by…

…and keeping your eyes peeled for the Patreon announcement, coming on February 15th!

Will you publish my story?

Sorry, we don’t yet have the capacity to accept unsolicited story submissions. If you’re interested in working with us, follow us on social media and keep your eyes open for the announcement of our first anthology. We’ll begin taking applicants on March 15th, 2021, and anticipate selecting 20 writers for our debut collection!

Until then – thanks for your interest, your follows, your signal boosts, and your backing. We look forward to getting to know you all better as Duck Prints Press grows!