Erotica Categories and Tags

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Tags provide more extension information about a work, including content warnings, sub-themes, and more. They may include or imply spoilers. While many tags could fall into multiple categories, for organizational purposes we’ve sorted them into the following tag types, and each tag is assigned to one, and only one, tag type. All categories are also tags, but not all tags are also categories. Tags are written all lowercase, always.

For erotica, we’ve adopted a system to help ensure that no one is exposed to content they don’t want to see. Thus, some tags categories are “erotica-only” categories (such as “sex act”) and some tags are “erotica-only” tags (for example, “alpha/beta/omega dynamics: knotting”). For tags that would be necessary for both non-erotica and erotica, such as “mlm,” we have created duplicate tags so that people who want to see mlm but do not want erotica in their search results will not get erotica results! That’s why some items are listed here AND on the main page. Also note that some tag categories are repeated here and on the main list, but the specific tags listed under the category are different; only the erotica-related tags are on this list (for example, “character profession: character is a barista” goes on the main list; “character profession: character is a porn star” goes on this list.)

alpha/beta/omega dynamics | bdsm | character profession | position | relationship type | roleplaying | setting | sex act | sex toy | story element

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alpha/beta/omega dynamics

  • alpha character
  • alpha/beta/omega dynamics
  • knotting
  • mating cycles
  • omega character
  • omega in heat
  • scent bonding
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  • bdsm
  • bondage
  • bondage (mild)
  • character is a dom
  • character is a sub
  • sadomasochism (consensual)
  • dom drop
  • humiliation (off-screen)
  • orgasm control
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character profession

  • character is a porn star
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  • missionary position
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relationship type

  • dom/sub
  • dom/sub switching (implied)
  • dom/sub subtext
  • mlm
  • sex with sentient animals
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  • teacher/student roleplay
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  • play room
  • public sex
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sex act

  • anal fingering
  • blow job
  • clitoral stimulation
  • comeplay
  • cunnilingus
  • deep throating
  • edging
  • face fucking
  • frottage
  • hand job
  • orgasm delay
  • orgasm denial
  • penis in vagina sex
  • penis in anus sex
  • rimming
  • tribbing
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sex toy

  • butt plug
  • cock cage
  • lubricant (improvised)
  • sex toys
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story elements

  • bathing together
  • begging
  • body art
  • corsetry
  • dirty talk
  • first time
  • hair washing
  • manhandling
  • praise kink
  • rough sex
  • sensation play
    • wax play
  • sexting
  • sexual teasing
  • wing kink
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