She Wears the Midnight Crown & He Bears the Cape of Stars

Welcome to Duck Prints Press newest project: a pair of anthologies which share the same theme, but feature different kinds of relationships. For these anthologies, we seek pitches for stories featuring masquerades – the more unusual, the better! While we love classic “historical setting, mistaken identity” shenanigans, we’re looking for stories more out-of-the-box (under-the-mask?) than that. How about a meeting of space ship AIs, where the ships are “masked”? A fantasy setting where everyone is born wearing a mask that cannot be removed until a person meets their soulmate? A historical-esque society where masks are donned at different stages of life as a visual demonstration of changes in status or circumstances? Alternatively, we’d love some trope subversion/expectation subversion—maybe, instead of a case of mistaken identities, all involved parties actually know exactly who the others are, and make their confessions anyway? Or maybe said confessions are rejected? The possibilities are endless. Get creative—we want stories that turn reader expectations for what a masquerade story can be on their heads. Any setting, any featured tropes, any world, any time period: stretch your imaginations and present us with an innovative story pitch that explores the boundaries of what the word “masquerade” can mean…and, of course, that tells a rich, engaging story about some wonderful queer folk finding love, companionship, the queer platonic relationship of their dreams, or the found family they deserve.

The key features we will be looking for in story pitches are:

  1. subversion of the classic tropes in masquerade stories and/or an unusual interpretation of the concept of a masquerade.
  2. queer relationships—one anthology will feature wlw stories, the other mlm. We take a loose definition of wlw and mlm; we encourage people to suggest relationships involving genderqueer characters and/or polyamorous relationships.
  3. a happy-for-now or happily-ever-after (HFN/HEA) ending.

The wlw anthology is entitled She Wears the Midnight Crown.

The mlm anthology is entitled He Bears the Cape of Stars.

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Interested in applying? Then read on…

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Applications for authors interested in applying to write for these anthologies will be open from December 15th through December 31st, 2021. You can apply here.