SWMC/HBCS Draft Budget

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We are in the earliest stages of planning the project budget for these anthologies. A great deal will change before we’re ready to launch the Kickstarter in June, but we wanted to provide the basics of what we’re thinking, for transparency purposes and for those who may be interested.

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Book Printing Budget

ItemNumber NeededTotal PriceSource/Notes
Front Cover Art2$800Artist(s) to be determined.
Manuscript Formatting2$400Hermit9
Fonts, Graphics, and other Manuscript-related Expensesn/a$100Funds set aside for buying specialty fonts or other elements we may need to produce a polished finished product.
Payments to Authors36$2,1601 cent per word US, for 36 authors (18 per anthology), writing stories up to 6,000 words.
“She Wears the Midnight Crown” Book (Digest Size, 5.5″ x 8.5″)100$583Mixam
“He Bears the Cape of Stars” Books (Digest Size, 5.5″ x 8.5″) 100$583Mixam
Book shipping from Mixam to Us$118
ISBNs4n/aThese were paid for as part of a prior project
Total to Produce 200 Books$4,744
Price per Book (all)$15.81For estimated sales of 200 Print Books + and 100 E-Books
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We’ve only just begin to consider what extras and merchandise we might like to offer to our Kickstarter backers and what purchasing options we’ll give. Tentatively, we’re expecting to offer the following levels:

  • Level 1a: wlw e-book + a printables pack
  • Level 1b: mlm e-book + a printables pack
  • Level 1c: both e-books + a printables pack
  • Level 2a: wlw print book (+ the e-book and printables pack)
  • Level 2b: mlm print book only (+ the e-book and printables pack)
  • Level 2c: both print books, no merchandise (+ both e-books and printables pack)
  • Level 3a: wlw print book + wlw-specific flat merchandise
  • Level 3b: mlm print book + mlm-specific flat merchandise
  • Level 3c: both print books + all flat merchandise
  • Level 4: both books, all flat merchandise, wine glass, a mask, a bag, a charm bracelet, rubber duck, and maybe other items
  • Level 5: the “treat yo’self” bundle – everything in level 4, plus some extra special treats.
  • Level 6: the Masquerade bundle – everything in level 4, plus a fancy mask, a crown, a cape, and maybe other items.
Type of MerchandiseNumber MadeTotal PriceSource
Art Commissions for a Printables Pack5$250We want to do a printables pack with fun, cut-out-able masks and crowns and masquerade accessories inspired by our stories. At minimum the pack will include five pieces of artwork.
Prints of the Cover Art (8″ x 10″)100$94PrintKeg; we’ll make separate prints of each cover.
Die Cut Stickers (3″ x 3″)100$144StickerMule; we’ll produce two different campaign dux stickers
Bookmarks (2″ by 7.25″) with Tassels100$220UPrinting (tassel from Etsy); we’ll produce two different bookmarks. This price includes paying for two art commisions.
Enamel Pins (1.5″ circle, approximately)100$650Alchemy; we’ll produce two different enamel pins. This price includes paying for two art commissions.
Embroidered Patches (approximately 3″ x 3″)100$522Alchemy; we’ll produce two different embroidered patches. This price includes paying for two art commissions.
Cross-Body Bag48$465AnyPromo; this price includes shipping to us
Wine Glass72$492AnyPromo; this price includes shipping to us
Charm Bracelet40$156Sourced from various Etsy providers.
Mask40$200We’re admiring this one at the moment.
Rubber Duckie40$200(We’re still looking for a specific duck we like)
Tea40$140The Whistling Kettle
Chocolate10$100Uncle Sam’s Chocolates and Candy
Sparkling (Non-Alcoholic) Cider12$39Target
Bath Bombs24$25We’re considering something like this.
Estimated Shipping to Us$100Some of the above prices include shipping, some don’t.
Estimated Sales Tax$25Some of the above prices include sales tax; some vendors, we already have sales tax exemptions. We’ll apply for other exemptions as we’re able.
Total Cost to Produce Merchandise$3,822
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Packaging for Mailing Items to Kickstarter Backers

As this is our third project, we’ve managed to build a decent stash of shipping supplies that we can use for this project and won’t need to purchase again. Hence, things like tape and some box sizes are not on this list, because we already have them. We purchase most of our packaging from Papermart.com.

ItemNumberTotal Price
Bubble Wrap1 roll$36
Box for Book Alone (9 1/2″ by 6 1/2″ by 1/2″ – 2″/variable)100$85
Box for Book + Flat Merchandise (11 1/8″ by 8 5/8″ by 1/2″ – 2″ variable)50$43
Box for Book + Bulky Merchandise (11 5/8″ by 9 1/8″ by 5 1/4″)25$21
Other Packaging (Estimate – what exactly we’ll need will depend on our final list of merchandise)$250
Shipping from Papermart to Us (Estimate)$100
Total Packaging Costs$535
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Total Estimated Cost for the Proposed Kickstarter Campaign

Book Production$4,744
Merchandise Production$3,822
Shipping and Handling Materials$535
Shipping to Backers (estimated based on 200 backers ordering physical merchandise)$2,085
Estimated Kickstarter Fees (approx. 10% of the total budget)$1,119
Total Estimated Cost for Everything$12,305

As we’ve emphasized already, this is extremely tentative and subject to change. As we make more decisions related to merchandise, marketing, artists we’ll commission, etc., we’ll update this budget to reflect our more specific expectations and the changes that we make.