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Back Us on Patreon!

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Are you a fanfiction reader or author?

Have you, as a writer, ever wished you could make the transition from posting fanfiction to publishing original works?

Have you, as a reader, ever told your favorite fanfiction author that you wish they’d publish original stories?

Have you, as a member of the fanfiction community, ever wanted to help fanfiction authors make their publishing dreams come true?

In order to maximize how much authors can earn with us (we’re aiming for a royalty rate of 90%), we’ve created a Patreon to help pay for our general operating expenses, such as supplies, workspace, utilities, web hosting, professional legal and accounting advice, and more.

In exchange for this support, Patrons can get access to a number of fabulous, exclusive benefits  – availability depending on backer level – including:

  • Behind-the-scenes information on our progress building DPP from the ground up
  • A newsletter with patron-only stories, Q&A sessions, and more
  • Voting rights on surveys that influence our public blog posts, anthology topics, and more (including helping us name our mascot!)
  • Free ebooks
  • One free, Patron-exclusive erotica story a month
  • Patron-only merch
  • Discounts on our publications and crowdsourcing campaigns
  • …and more!

Want to help defray our expenses so we can make our goal of paying authors a premium rate a reality?

Want access to awesome exclusive and behind-the-scenes access?

Back us on Patreon, and help us create a unique publisher made by fan authors, for fan authors, to make publishing dreams become reality!

Want to help us without committing to a monthly fee? You can give us a one-time lump sum by buying us a ko-fi or get some awesome Duck Prints Press merch on our RedBubble!

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Today we made a formal announcement of our existence on social media! Here’s a copy for posterity sake, so people can see here as well.

Duck Prints Press Header Banner

Welcome to Duck Prints Press, an independent publisher founded to help fanfiction authors navigate the complex process of bringing their original works from first draft to print, culminating in publishing their work under our imprint!

Duck Prints Press is brand new – we incorporated in January, 2021 – so we have a lot of groundwork to do before we can realize our founding vision! This year, we will focus on publishing one or two short story anthologies and developing relationships with writers who may wish to work with us going forward. We are excited to bring to readers to original stories that come with all the comforts of a fanfic – but with all new characters and settings to love!

Who we are:

Hi, we’re @unforth​ (Claire Houck), @jhoomwrites​ (A.L. Heard), @adaille​, and @formidablepassion​! Between us, we have written well over 5 million words of fanfiction and original fiction, participated in multiple anthologies of original stories and fanfic zines, self-published two novels, opened two businesses, and worked in several different writing- and editing-related fields. We are thrilled to bring this expertise to bear to make Duck Prints Press a success.

Hey, I’m a fanfic author and reader, and I think this sounds awesome! How can I learn more?

Follow us on…

(note that we’re still getting all the pieces up and running, so bear with us!)

How can I help?

Our Patreon opens officially in THREE DAYS, and we’ll be launching a merch store on Redbubble as well! Until then, you can help by…

…and keeping your eyes peeled for the Patreon announcement, coming on February 15th!

Will you publish my story?

Sorry, we don’t yet have the capacity to accept unsolicited story submissions. If you’re interested in working with us, follow us on social media and keep your eyes open for the announcement of our first anthology. We’ll begin taking applicants on March 15th, 2021, and anticipate selecting 20 writers for our debut collection!

Until then – thanks for your interest, your follows, your signal boosts, and your backing. We look forward to getting to know you all better as Duck Prints Press grows!