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Do you – yes, YOU! – want a say in what the theme of our next anthology will be?

With the Kickstarter for “Add Magic to Taste” now finished, and the Kickstarter for our second anthology, “And Seek (Not) to Alter Me,” gearing up to launch in the mid to late fall, we at Duck Prints Press are starting to look forward to what our next big project will be!

Some decisions, we’ve already made:

  • We’ll be launching anthologies 3 and 4 simultaneously, with a projected Kickstarter campaign in May or June of 2022. The two anthologies will each have the same theme; the difference is – one will be ONLY wlw stories, the other ONLY mlm stories (both will include any genderqueer folk who would consider themselves as falling under the umbrella of wlw or mlm; both will include poly).
  • We’ll be opening applications likely in October or November (our first call for applicants since last winter!) We will, as always, be open to applicants who are fanfiction authors interested in publishing their original work.
  • Every story, regardless of our theme, must have a “happily ever after” or “happily for now” ending. (HEA/HFN guaranteed!)

Some decisions, we’ve not yet made:

  • How many authors will be in each anthology
  • How long each story will be
  • How we’ll handle returning authors/authors who’ve already worked with us and want to do so again
  • Probably plenty of other stuff we haven’t thought of.


Which decision is that, did I hear you ask?

What will the theme of our next anthologies be?

Our Management team has brainstormed for the last two weeks and settled on a list of seven potential themes!

Those themes are:

  • Solarpunk in modern, utopian, and science fiction settings
  • Hurt/comfort in science fiction settings
  • Robot uprisings in any setting
  • Masquerades in any setting
  • Love in the public eye (as in, celebrities, politicians, athletes, etc.) in any setting
  • Love across time (as in, time travel, dimension hopping, etc.) in any setting
  • Trapped together in science fiction settings

Do you want to help us pick between these seven themes, and have a say in what mlm and wlw stories are written in our next collections?

Well, you can! How?

Back our Patreon!

Kickstarter support enables us to publish books, but Patreon support enables us to continue operation long term. Money from our Patreon pays for monthly fees on software we use, hourly rates on consultants we hire, legal advice, and more. The more we’re able to raise through our Patreon, the more we’re able to pay to authors, artists, and other contributing creators when we do Kickstarters – because our overhead is getting covered by the Patreon support! We offer four backer levels – $3 per month, $5 per month, $10 per month, and $25 per month. All our Patrons get awesome extras – the higher your backing, the more you get:

  • exclusive stories!
  • bonus merchandise!
  • access to our Discord!
  • free books!
  • voting rights on surveys to determine our anthology themes!
  • and more!

So, if you want to help Duck Prints Press, and you want to get more involved, and you want to nudge us toward making the kinds of books you most want to read?

Become a Duck Prints Press Patron, and help us publish amazing (and amazingly queer!) books!

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Our May Patreon Newsletter is Now Out!

Every month, we publish a Patron-exclusive newsletter available to all backers starting at $3 per month that includes an brand new short story (inspired by a theme suggested by our Patrons!), previews of upcoming works, and other insider content! 

This month’s newsletter includes a story by A.L. Heard featuring adorable coffee shop meet cute wlw fluff!

Back us now, and you too can read this never-before-published, Patreon-exclusive story!

Learn more here!

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Help Us Name This Duck!


Have you seen Duck Prints Press’s adorable mascot? We affectionately call them Dux, but they don’t ’t have an actual name yet – and we want them to have one! All good ducks deserve excellent names! And we want you to help!

Who we are:
Duck Prints Press LLC is an independent publisher based in New York State. Our founding vision is to help fanfiction authors navigate the complex process of bringing their original works from first draft to print, culminating in publishing their work under our imprint. We are particularly dedicated to working with queer authors and publishing stories featuring characters from across the L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+ spectrum.

How you can help name this excellent duck:
We’ve been longing to name this duck since they were created, and we’ve had a lot of ideas – but ultimately, we decided we want our Patrons to be the ones to name them!

So, want to help us name them?

Back us on Patreon, and you can!

When we reach 25 patrons (we’re at 19 right now!) we’ll open the floor and take suggestions on what to name this stunning, marvelous example of duck-dom.

(And while you’re pondering names – note that there is a single rule. We want gender neutral names only, please! We don’t define the duck’s gender. That’s for the duck to know, and us all to respect.)

We look forward to meeting our patron goal – and to naming this duck, with your help!

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Bi-Pan Solidarity is Closer than You Think!

We’re excited to share that today our very first Patreon-exclusive short story was published in our debut Patron Newsletter!

“Bi-Pan Solidarity” tells the story of roommates Lars and Amalia and how they overcome the miscommunication that has kept them apart for far too long! The newsletter also included an exclusive teaser for our soon-to-be-released short story “The Last Letters of Mrs. Victoria Holmwood.”

If you’d like access to this short story and other exclusive content, it’s easy as can be – all you have to do is back us on Patreon!

Why not give it a look?

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Back Us on Patreon!

Duck Prints Press Header Banner

Are you a fanfiction reader or author?

Have you, as a writer, ever wished you could make the transition from posting fanfiction to publishing original works?

Have you, as a reader, ever told your favorite fanfiction author that you wish they’d publish original stories?

Have you, as a member of the fanfiction community, ever wanted to help fanfiction authors make their publishing dreams come true?

In order to maximize how much authors can earn with us (we’re aiming for a royalty rate of 90%), we’ve created a Patreon to help pay for our general operating expenses, such as supplies, workspace, utilities, web hosting, professional legal and accounting advice, and more.

In exchange for this support, Patrons can get access to a number of fabulous, exclusive benefits  – availability depending on backer level – including:

  • Behind-the-scenes information on our progress building DPP from the ground up
  • A newsletter with patron-only stories, Q&A sessions, and more
  • Voting rights on surveys that influence our public blog posts, anthology topics, and more (including helping us name our mascot!)
  • Free ebooks
  • One free, Patron-exclusive erotica story a month
  • Patron-only merch
  • Discounts on our publications and crowdsourcing campaigns
  • …and more!

Want to help defray our expenses so we can make our goal of paying authors a premium rate a reality?

Want access to awesome exclusive and behind-the-scenes access?

Back us on Patreon, and help us create a unique publisher made by fan authors, for fan authors, to make publishing dreams become reality!

Want to help us without committing to a monthly fee? You can give us a one-time lump sum by buying us a ko-fi or get some awesome Duck Prints Press merch on our RedBubble!