A. L. Heard – The Offered Ones


Title: The Offered Ones

Author: A. L. Heard



There was a girl sleeping in Forest.

Fox didn’t know the girl. She was a human, that much was clear, though he hadn’t seen her kind in ages. They traveled this way and that like they owned the whole world—he had seen many before—but most stayed away from Forest. They were blind, deaf, dumb creatures, unable to perceive what was in front of them. Still, they sensed the magic of Forest, so they stayed away. If they did wander into the dense line of oak and pine, they spoke in hushed voices and didn’t linger.

They certainly didn’t sleep in Forest.



Additional information

Trigger Warnings

body horror, harm to children


A. L. Heard


"Eerie Fall" Theme Story

Available Formats

ePub, PDF


978-1-946472-47-2 (ePub); 978-1-946472-46-5 (PDF)

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