Aeryn Jemariel Knox – Pas de Deux


Title: Pas de Deux

Author: Aeryn Jemariel Knox





Jett is certain that his choreographer is a sadist. When all the other dancers had been dismissed from rehearsal, leaving just the two of them alone on the main stage, Jett hadn’t realized he’d be in for over an hour of being put through his paces. His muscles ache in places he barely knew he had, which is impressive considering that he’s been dancing since the age of seven and thought he knew all the different ways his muscles could ache. There’s sweat rolling down his sides; he can feel it. Hell, he can smell it. It’s never a good sign when he can smell his own BO, and it’s doubly bad when the hot choreographer is getting up close in his business.

Hot sadistic choreographer.








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Aeryn Knox

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