E. V. Dean – In the Moonlight


Title: In the Moonlight

Author: E. V. Dean



Remy slips her oversized sunglasses over her nose. The afternoon sun has taken a deep dive and hangs low above the horizon. Not yet subdued in its oranges and reds, its sharp rays shine straight through the windshield into her eyes. She should have been more firm about taking off early if they wanted to arrive before nightfall, but she just couldn’t bring herself to deprive Julia of her well-deserved sleep on her day off.

At least it’s not much farther now, and the plan is to have the red wine from the cooler and some quick snack for dinner on their girls’ night in. They don’t need daylight for that. And they’ll have four full days to enjoy sunbathing and swimming in the picturesque lake that awaits them.


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Trigger Warnings

robbery (mentions of)


E. V. Dean

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978-1-946472-52-6 (PDF); 978-1-946472-53-3 (ePub)

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