June 2023 General Imprint Bundle!

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Six great stories, one low price!

Save 20% by buying our June, 2023 general imprint releases in this bundle! This discount can be combined with other coupons, too, such as our Patreon coupons.

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We’re offering all six of our short story and novelette releases for June, 2023 in one convenient bundle!

Save 20% by buying our June, 2023 general imprint releases in this bundle! This discount can be combined with other coupons, too, such as our Patreon coupons.

See individual work listings or the first page of each story for full tag lists.

Of Loops and Weaves by Catherine E. Green

“So, whatcha makin’, Rob?” Dee [looks] at Robin with rapt attention.

“Oh, um. W-well…” She sets her mug on the table. Words exist, certainly, but hell if she can grab enough of them right now to save herself. “I’m making”—with unsteady hands, she wrenches the sweater close to her chest—“th-that is to say…” Robin trails off and begins ripping out stitches in her haste to quell the mounting inner pressure to keep mum.

“Hey, hey. It’s all right. Forget I asked. Don’t destroy your work on my account.”

Solarpunks: Viva la Revolución by J. D. Harlock

“I’m bored,” Sami felt the need to say.

“You mean you haven’t found something to do since you last told us you were bored a minute ago?” Ros replied with an air of polite condescension.

“Maybe talking to someone will give you something to do, Sami?” Amara suggested, using the tone of voice she always assumed when she was trying to be helpful. “Someone that’s not us?”

Seal Island by K. B. Vimes

Michael was six years old when he first swam out to where the seals liked to lie. The locals called it Seal Island, though it wasn’t much more than an outcropping of rocks at the edge of the bay that nearly disappeared during the highest tides of the year.

More Than We Deserve by Nicola Kapron

If Dice had a favourite Horizon, it would be Grey. Hell, if Dice had a favourite person, it would be Grey. They’d met when Grey was first onboarded as a cadet and Dice already fully promoted to Spook third-in-command, and despite having only three years between them, Grey hadn’t talked shit about Dice skipping up the corporate ladder. Not in front of Dice nor behind his back. He’d even gotten in fights with the people who liked to joke about how, exactly, the pretty Spooks ranked up. When Grey started thriving under hema treatments, Dice found himself cleaning up after Grey more often than not. They were both the gregarious type, but Grey needed people. And the company was investing a lot in Grey. Keeping him happy and occupied was in Winterborne’s best interest, and so Dice was allowed—encouraged—to indulge in killing time with him.

Live Like There’s No Tomorrow by Tris Lawrence

“Practicing, hon?” Mom leans against the doorway. “You really love that guitar.”

“As much as you love fixing things,” Jackson says. “Almost as much as I love basketball. Probably more right now, since I can’t play.”

He doesn’t talk about basketball often, nor about taekwondo. It hurts to remember the things he can’t do, but he’ll get back to them. Once they’ve beaten the cancer. Once they’ve pushed it into remission.

Moongatherer by Willa Blythe

On all sides of the vast cavern system that made up their home, Clan Foxfire gathered to see their ambassadors forward. Honeycomb could feel their eyes on her like burning as she hitched her heavy pack up higher on her shoulders and followed Pomegranate toward the northern mouth.

“Sacred Granddaughters, you make us proud to call you ours,” Grandmother Flame said, standing just inside the cavern, body limned with the light of the fading sunset. The iron-colored coils of her hair were caught in a protective knot on top of her head, and her warm brown skin glowed where the last remnants of the lengthening day touched it. To her sides, the faces of their Clan members were smiling, or reverent, or warm—but their eyes lingered on Pomegranate, on the perfect sight she made, walking in front with the offerings carefully packed in her bag and her chin held high.

Let them keep watching Pomegranate. Honeycomb wished they would not look at her at all. They would only be disappointed.

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