Lyn Weaver – We All Need to Get By


Title: We All Need to Get By

Series: Sunrise Over the Black Forest

Author: Lyn Weaver



Kel hadn’t set out to become a vampire’s snack. Like most things in his life, it had just sort of happened. He’d done something stupid because it had looked like fun, realized exactly where that path would lead him if he continued down it, and then somehow been surprised when he ended up exactly where he’d thought he would. The very first time Sevan had showed up in the old church, looking to thank the new neighbour for banishing that dreadful aura of zealotry that had been clinging on for centuries, Kel had looked at him and thought, I’m gonna end up being sucked dry, aren’t I?




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Lyn Weaver


Sunrise Over the Black Forest

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978-1-946472-83-0 (ePub); 978-1-946472-82-3 (PDF)

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