Mikki Madison – The Fated Prince


Title: The Fated Prince

Author: Mikki Madison


Thirty years ago, Richard’s parents attempted to bind the fae king with a trick–offering their firstborn child in exchange for assistance, while hiding that their first child was fore-ordained to be stillborn.

To their surprise, their child lived.

Now, Richard is marrying a haughty, mysterious, and astonishingly beautiful fae prince. Navigating a marriage is tricky at the best of times, but that delicate dance is a hundredfold more difficult when one of the parties deals in magic, wordplay, exchanges, and challenges. Richard walks a tightrope between exercising caution and extending trust to a being who can twist his words into binding promises that he did not intend to make.

But despite all his caution, Richard is drawn to his otherworldly husband, his proximity stoking deep desires Richard had no idea he possessed. Then a challenge issued in the heat of the moment traps Richard in an untenable position: reveal those secret desires to the husband he still isn’t sure he can trust, or risk the retribution of the powerful fae prince.



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Mikki Madison

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