Nicola Kapron – The Act of Salvation


Title: The Act of Salvation

Author: Nicola Kapron



The first thing you saw was light. Harsh, white light, streaming down from all sides, carving through the cool darkness of non-existence like scalpels. It tore the lingering weariness from your head and left you with a series of uncomfortable truths. First, you were lying on what appeared to be a dissection slab. Second, you were strapped down with a network of shining golden threads, glowing hot against skin the colour and texture of bone. Third, you were not breathing.




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Trigger Warnings

body horror, dubious consent (mild), genocide (mentions of), major character death (temporary), minor character death (past)


Nicola Kapron

Available Formats

ePub, PDF


978-1-946472-61-8 (ePub); 978-1-946472-60-1 (PDF)

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