R. L. Houck – Fortune Favors Felines


Title: Fortune Favors Felines

Author: R. L. Houck


“Tash?” Avery places a hand on Katashi’s shoulder, but all he does is blink once.

Beneath Avery’s fingers there is ice-cold skin and tense muscle. They frown and lean in closer, the height of the observation deck forgotten as they examine Katashi’s vacant stare. “Kitty? Kitty, you’re freaking me out here. Look at me, sweetie?” Avery moves their hand from Katashi’s shoulder to his chin and pulls. He doesn’t resist as his head turns. It takes a second, but recognition finally lights up his eyes, and the tight ball of anxiety in Avery’s chest loosens.

“—hello, Avery.”


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R. L. Houck

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978-1-946472-69-4 (ePub); 978-1-946472-68-7 (PDF)

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