Rhosyn Goodfellow – The Fairy Garden


Title: The Fairy Garden

Author: Rhosyn Goodfellow


“It’s best to avoid fairies, but once they notice you, you’d best make friends right quick.”

Nana Iris warned Lily about the dangers of consorting with fairies, but with Nana Iris gone, there’s no one but Lily to make amends when Lily’s soon-to-be step-father disturbs Nana Iris’s fairy garden. If Lily’s lucky, maybe she’ll make a new friend; she could really use one right now.


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Trigger Warnings

bad parenting, child abuse, death of a grandparent (off-screen), gore (non-graphic descriptions), violence (non-graphic descriptions)


Rhosyn Goodfellow


"The Language of Flowers" Theme Story

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ePub, PDF

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